Tribute to Sir George Trevelyan

Robert Armstrong

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This tribute video is produced by Gaia Communications (Robert & Loni Armstrong

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It was a bright, sunlit day in the spring of 1988, when I travelled to Hawkesbury to meet Sir George for the first time. My partner, Loni, had read many of his books and filled my mind with the vision of a man beyond his own time. I wasn't to be disappointed and our meeting was to have a lasting effect. He lived in a small hamlet, deep in the Avon countryside; next to a church steeped in English rural history. So this was the home of one of the best-loved visionaries of the 20th century.

We had come to talk to Sir George on video, in an attempt to fit the vast subject of New Age philosophy into a neat one-hour video programme. It was an impossible task, we could only scratch the surface, but in the short time we were with Sir George, his deep insight into the reality of existence flowed like an unstoppable river; it was more than an interpretation it was the vision of life itself.

He saw us as 'droplets of God,' of a people making strides into a multi-dimensional reality where spiritual guardians watch over an earth still in its learning stage of evolution. He would wave an arm and talk about the unseen world with as much enthusiasm as a seasoned veteran of worldly affairs, and so he was. His life had been more than an exciting adventure; meeting the Hitler youth in 1930's Germany, teaching at the prestigious Gordonstoun school and later, his role in setting up Attingham Park; Britain's first residential adult education centre.

Even in his retirement years, Sir George was as busy as ever travelling through Britain and Germany with his close friend and interpreter, Geseke Clark; spreading his vision with a passion that seemed unquenchable. Over the next eight years we would meet Sir George often, and every time we were captivated by his brilliant command of the English language and vast knowledge that was never lessened even despite his failing health. When in 1996, the sad news of his death was announced it was with a growing realisation that this great author and philosopher's work should not be lost. He had created a vision that crossed the barriers of time and was itself timeless. We gathered all the material we had filmed and set about making a living reminder of this well loved and dynamic teacher. The result 'A Tribute to Sir George Trevelyan' runs for 90 minutes and shows Sir George as he is best remembered. He talks about his life and ambitions in an interview with Geseke Clark, how he was inspired to launch the Wrekin Trust while gazing out at the mountain of the same name.

The video is a tribute to this extraordinary man whose Holistic philosophy rightly earned him the title 'Father of the New Age.' To us who made the video, it is more than that a lasting memory of a very dear friend and a living record of one of the great visionary teachers of our century.

Robert Armstrong

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