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Landscape Temples

by George Trevelyan

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Temples in the landscape, as part of the fabric of mysterious Britain – a romantic idea indeed. Not merely structures built by ancient man, with column and lintel, pediment and portico, not merely surviving masonry suggestive of great works by the men of old, such as Tolkein's Fellowship of the Ring found in.their wanderings, but something behind these man-made forms, something part of the very body of the living Earth, points where earth-energy is focussed, vortices of power and light which mark where Heaven and Earth meet, where ethereal space unites with the field of gravity. This is the concept we are exploring and its, scope is infinite, for it reaches out to Infinity.

A man-made temple establishes a point where a god can touch down upon earth without being contaminated or degraded by the dense vibrations of matter. Thus in the Greek temple the cela, which contained the statue of Athena or Apollo or Dionysus, was entered solely by the initiate priest. It was surrounded by glorious columns symbolic of spiritual beings, and indeed our heightened consciousness can envision temples on the ethereal plane in which the columns are actually angels of light, perhaps facing outward in protection of the sanctuary, their wings linking to form a dome or vault to shield the altar and the shining star, itself a gateway to still higher. and more refined spheres of spiritual light. Ethereal space is filled with structures ("In My Father's house are many mansions"), and the major craft on those planes is the shaping of living Light malleable to Thought.

Early man, we know, discovered that there were certain points of the surface .of Planet Earth through which spiritual power flowed. He found that here he could best contact the spiritual sources in prayer and meditation. He developed central areas such as Avebury, Stonehenge and Arbor Low, which Grace Cooke, through her clairvoyant vision, found were truly temples for storing the spiritual light. She describes her remarkable tour in her book The Light in Britain. 'From these great centres earth-energy would be carried along the ley-lines'. They could be compared with our electricity, generating stations, the standing stones being equivalent to our pylons, distributing healing power.

Where ley-lines cross, there are points of special power. We realise that directed human thought can to some degree control and activate these earth energies. It will flow into the shapes we make for it, just as water will flow through our conduits. Thus our physical temples are creations which mark and develop the points where an age-old flow was found. The Landscape Temples are to be seen as part of the life structure of the Earth, an organic grouping of points comparing with the chakras in the human body. Man is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. "Man know thyself, and thou shalt know the Universe". We are integrally part of the organism of the earth. If you wish to understand in what sense the earth is a living creature, look into yourself. The fact of your bloodstream implies that the macrocosm of Earth has a comparable flow, in both energies and the element water. The fact that in order to live we must breath the element air, shows that the Earth indeed breathes. Winter and summer represents in breath and out breath of forces.

The system of chakras in the body, focal points for channelling energy, indicates that Earth herself has her chakra system. We begin to find 'chakra temples' along the ley-lines and realise that they can be large or small, interwoven in an intricate pattern. The indications are that Britain is a heart centre for the whole Earth (or perhaps we should say one of the heart centres, since the same is claimed for Hawaii). And London is a heart-centre for Britain. We shall find that the whole country is covered with these invisible structures, large and small, interconnected and forming a network. In many cases man made buildings will be found – ancient stones, shrines and churches, later sited on power points. But, be it repeated, the Chakra Temple exists in its own right, whether or not mankind has detected or honoured it. And let us here stress that the human body, integrally part of the Earth organism is itself a moveable temple, for indeed it offers a point into which a droplet of Divinity can descend and operate in the density of matter.

Research into this field and the exploring of these Landscape Temples will imply within a group one or two individuals with clairvoyant vision and spiritual knowledge. Dowsing, archaeology and the study of leylines will bring supportive evidence to the findings of the sensitives. Of course in this field there can be self-deception, wishful thinking and unfounded imagination. A warning note must be sounded. This whole subject is obviously fascinating. It widens the picture given us by Alfred Watkins in his book 'The Old Straight Track' (1925). Watkins, discoverer of ley-lines, admitted that he did not really know the purpose of these sited 'tracks'. Modern researchers, with the help of dowsing 'and spiritual vision, have revealed the nature of the earth energies. John Michel, T.C. Lethbridge, Guy Underwood, Tom Graves and many others are exploring and explaining the intricate structure of the grip of energy forces. Perhaps the concept of Landscape Temples will enhance this understanding. We are dealing with a real source of energy which could obviously be used for good or evil. If it were released in ignorance or for the wrong motive it could be damaging. Remember, the tale of the sorcerer's apprentice! If the power locked in the holy mountains or sacred centres were to be tapped and used for Black Magic purposes it could do much harm and mean lasting damage to the souls who took part. Some of the sites, including Glastonbury itself, have been associated with black magic and therefore genuine knowledge of arts of cleansing is essential. We must learn the skills of working with a chakra temple or holy mountain. It is not merely a game, however intriguing the research may be. Yet it is assuredly valid to begin to explore the temples, discover the ley-lines and locate the holy mountains. A map could be made of Britain, showing how the Christian holy points and buildings constantly overlay the ancient and druidical sites and how our own New Age centres are frequently located on the light and power points. This is to be expected, since those concerned with the coming of the Light will be unconsciously attracted or guided to settle on the significant places.

So we get the sense of a great network or grid of linked light-centres stretched across Britain and of course radiating out beyond, since the ley-lines, carrying the Earth energies, cover the world. In imagination we may grasp this world organism of flowing life-force. It compares to the bloodstream with its arteries, veins and capillaries in the human body. And remember the fascinating concept presented by Steiner. Blood is the organ of Life, the true bearer of the Ego of man. It is not true to say that the heart is merely a pump, driving the blood in its circulation, That is a mechanistic interpretation. In reality it compares more with a ram in a dam across a river, controlling and regulating the pre-existent movement of the blood driven by its own life energy. So it is with the Light and Power Centres. Energy flows and is alive. When the outpouring of the Waters of Aquarius takes place, it must use the Grid. The Chakra Temples will be the focal points for the in-flooding. Perhaps all the. interest and research into ley-lines is an impulse of preparation for a cosmic event. We are responsible for cleansing and repairing the network so that the energy flow may be unimpeded. We have our part to play and this may include the activating of dormant light centres.

Know this that we men are integrally part of Earth. Earth sleeps, dreams, duly awakens. When Nature has evolved and metamorphosed, until in extreme complexification of cells a human brain has been formed, it implies that Nature is reaching consciousness. Our bodies are sensitised points of Earth. Our minds are thought organs for the being Tellus. Our becoming conscious of the beauty of landscape, implies that Earth itself is waking up. We are not there merely to enjoy the pleasures of nature and delight ourselves in walking the hills. If we can make this process more conscious, we are doing a deed in the alerting of Earth. In our interest and action, Earth herself is active.
Nature is made better by no mean
But nature makes that mean.

('The Winters Tale', Shakespeare)
Expeditions into the landscape may take on a deeper purpose. The delight in walking, climbing, gliding, canoeing, skiing, skin-diving and even pleasure motoring is Earth becoming conscious of its own beauty. In all these great sports we are exploring the elements – earth, water, air, fire. Pot-holing takes us into the mysteries of the netherworld, hang-gliding relates us to the element air and light. The mobile temple, the living body, the microcosm of Earth, is actuating itself to find ways of experiencing the greater whole of which it is a sensitised part. This thought relates the so-called 'adventure sports' to the holistic world view, though it is by no means necessary for the participants to 'hold the spiritual vision'.

We may (indeed must) begin consciously to move in the landscape with our psychic feelers out. There is Being in everything. The elemental world is there in every aspect of the nature kingdoms. We may look beyond the usual aspects of nature-study to 'see' with the eye of the mind the life within trees, plants, rocks, birds, clouds, mountains. Look into the hill and feel the response rising within your own soul, with is really the dormant Being of the Hill stirring at the contact of your consciousness, the touch of your thought-beam. Observe the inner response in yourself and give forth love to the devic Being. Then he begins to awaken. Remember that imagination is a creative power. Blake wrote "Love is the child of Imagination". Look into the oak tree with the eye of the mind and 'see' its invisible roots and the rising of the sap, and know that it is a great structure of magnetic forces reaching far out into the realm of 'levity', drawn to the ethereal circumference. Let us learn to make a new sort of pilgrimage, linking the Holy Mountains and Sacred Places, by walking, riding, driving in conscious attunement, so that the devic beings of the landscape begin to stir and awaken. We are actually in some sense transforming and fulfilling the landscape as we make ourselves deeply aware of it. When someone observes and paints a view, that piece of landscape is, in a mysterious way, enlivened.

Thus when we lit the linked chain of bonfires at the Coronation over the hills of Britain, something real must have happened to our land, Listen to Macaulay's description of the lighting of the signal bonfires as a warning of the approach of the Armada. These lines are part of an unfinished epic on that great event, describing how the flame spread from the Channel to the North with its call to arms. Transpose this stirring stuff into our own terms and conceive it as the lighting of spiritual bonfires, through activating and cleansing the power stored in the holy mountains, to raise the country for another glorious Coming, which may be imminent.

All night from tower to tower they sprang, they sprang from hill to hill
Till the proud peak the flag unfurled over Darwin's rugged dales,
Till like volcanoes flared to heaven the stormy hills of Wales,
Till twelve fair counties saw the blaze on Malvern's lonely height,
Till streamed in crimson on the wind the Wrekin's crest of light
Till Skiddaw saw the fire that burned on Gaunt's embattled pile,
And the red glare on Skiddaw roused the burghers of Carlisle.

A new impulse for pilgrimage is stirring. In medieval days the thousands of pilgrims came to the holy places, though the motive then was chiefly healing by contact with holy relics. Now we become conscious of our organic relationship to Earth and of the need to redeem the planet from the pollution and degradation we ourselves have caused. The exploration of the Landscape Temples and our becoming aware of the marvellous pattern of energies calls for a new type of pilgrimage. If even a small percentage of the throngs of tourists could travel with the conscious motive of attuning to the living Earth and the devic and elemental beings who operate within it, then we should be contributing to the healing of groaning creation. And our own love for the beauty and mystery of Britain's landscape would thereby be enhanced. This is an aspect of conservation to which we must strive to awaken, for it may prove to be very important.

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