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Michaelmas 1985

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Our ritual gestures are important as links and bridges between the spirit realm and matter. So our lighting of little ever-burning amber lights is a symbol that can draw down spiritual power. This linking operation is important, indeed essential at this time.

For what really is happening now? All the news of darkness, violence, breakdown and death is really secondary. It is the image of change and the coming cleansing of the planet. We must lift our thinking and imagination to conceive the implications of the vision of Wholeness. Do grasp that a profound turn-about in consciousness is taking place.

We are understanding again what the ancient wisdom knew - that the universe is Mind, a vast ocean of Life and Divine intelligence: that man (male/female) is a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm: that the planet Earth is a living creature, an integral being, of which humanity is in process of becoming the brain and nervous system. As stewards of the planet, the crown of nature, we are failing lamentably and culpably. But we are waking up.

The drive for so long has been an animal one of self-preservation and grasping of power to satisfy desire. Now we see that humanity is truly a living organism of which each of us is a cell. We have tacitly assumed separation and apartness, but imagination can grasp and think Oneness. We must overcome the 'onlooker consciousness' and strive to experience the concept of Wholeness of all life. If we are each a cell of the living body of humanity - the noösphere - then the divinity in me is the same divinity as is in you. Thus I can no longer hurt you in any way without its rebounding on me. This thinking leads us back to Mankind's Golden Rule, that fundamental maxim: "Do not do to others what you would not want them to do to you".

Every one of the great religions in its more esoteric aspect has stated this in almost identical words, yet how little has it been followed! We stand at a moment in history when we are called on to take a step in consciousness and take over control and direction of ourselves - that one part of the universe for which we are really responsible.

Here is a good analogy. You are like the captain of a ship directing operations from the bridge. Your living body is this remarkable vessel. You give orders. You direct. You can decide what to do.

Watch yourself, for instance, while you dress and tidy the room. A whole series of events takes place. You respond to stimuli. You see what next must be done. The essence of will is the intention. The body carries it out, we do not know how. It may be almost automatic. We could go through the day simply flowing into responses and letting the body act and the mind think about all sorts of things. Or we can stop, pause, go on to the bridge, take command and order 'Hard to starboard'; 'Speed 10 knots'; 'Stop'; 'Reverse'. The captain doesn't need to go down to the engine room. He gives orders down the speaking tube.

So the essence of self-transformation is the ability to pause after the stimulus, inhibit immediate reaction and so get the idea of what to do and how to use the ship to best advantage to fulfil the act.

Meditation is immensely relevant. We stop the ship. It is alive and prepared for action, but we take command through halting that unconscious flow. We reduce tension. We not only inhibit action, but we inhibit thought. Listen to these words by the initiate and seer Edward Carpenter, from his book 'Towards Democracy':

"Of all the hard facts of science, I know of none more solid and fundamental than the fact that if you inhibit thought (and persevere) you come at length to a region of consciousness below or behind thought and different from ordinary thought in its nature and character - a consciousness of quasi-universal quality and a realisation of an altogether vaster Self than that to which we are accustomed. And since the ordinary consciousness with which we are concerned in ordinary life is before all things founded on the little, local self and is in fact self-consciousness in the little local sense, it follows that to pass out of that is to die to the ordinary self and the ordinary world.

It is to die in the ordinary sense, but in another sense it is to wake up and find that the I, one's real, most intimate self, parades the universe and all other beings - that the mountains and the sea and the stars are a part of one's body and that one's soul is in touch with all creatures. It is to be assured of an indestructible and immortal life and of joy immense and inexpressible - to sit with all the Gods in Paradise."

Thought is surely experienced as something alive in us. Watch how it just runs on. It is the nearest thing to perpetual motion. In meditation we cut across that flow and stop it. You can't just think nothingness. Therefore you choose to watch the breathing , that ebb
and flow of life. "Experiencing serenity, I breathe in and out". Or you use a mantra. Or choose to contemplate one of the 'I AM' phrases from scripture. But the essence is to check the automatic bubbling and fussing of mundane thoughts prompting half-conscious action.
When stillness, tranquillity, serenity has been achieved, then how easily you can envisage the light of the Christ Star over the altar in "that inmost centre in us all where truth abides in fullness".

Kindle the little light within that sacred centre. Or kindle the candle in your sanctuary, in which the amber light is always burning. The outer symbol speaks to the soul. For where does this inner space end?

We talk of inner space, but physically it is obvious that the body is packed with organs. Therefore the inner sanctum is non-physical, super-sensible. It is a precious point of ethereal space which we discover within us, and ethereal space is beyond time and matter, and is wherever we direct our attention. Your outer lamp in your sanctuary is in your ethereal space, which is not bounded by your skin. This is the breath-taking truth. As a spiritual being you are where you direct your attention. You enter the buoyant, expansive realm of spirit, which works from the far circumference, not from the centre point.

Thinking and experiencing this, you rediscover that basic polarity of gravity and levity, which has been forgotten in the last centuries of Newtonian science.

Gravity, the grave, the dark pole working from the material centre of the globe, is balanced perfectly by Levity, the pole of light, lightness and life, which radiates from the vast periphery. We human beings are each a physical/spiritual organism in which levity and gravity operate in perfect balance, but the opposite to gravity is not only in physical space. It is in ethereal space, outside time and substance. It is spirit and life and divine intelligence.

In meditation, as Carpenter describes, we expand into this glorious realm of Light. And every cubic centimetre is shot through with all that is. The world of spiritual being has no dimension and can inter-blend to infinity. Thus spiritual beings can live in our thinking. Our thinking, as a droplet of Mind, can project out and up into the Ocean of intelligence. Thus the exploring of ethereal space is basically an affair of thinking, of apprehending Living Ideas which are truly beings, strands of the outpouring thought of God.

So it means a great deal to the higher worlds that more and more human beings, cells of the body of humanity, take constructive conscious control of themselves and open to the inflow of spirit. And so our delicate and lovely gesture of kindling the little amber light with dedicated intent, opens untold possibility for the angelic and spiritual realms to pour into the field of matter and lift its frequency rate. That is what is happening now. An invisible force-field of light is penetrating matter and raising its vibration. Then all people who are attuned to the light will be lifted and begin to open to fourth dimensional vision. All who of free choice reject this impulse will not rise.

This is clearly an aspect of the Plan for the cleansing of the planet. Attunement now to the higher worlds is what matters. Thus we become channels for the inflow, and when the time comes for us to discard our body/temple we shall rise into the soul grouping to which we are attuned. So 'Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh'.

Here is an inspired quotation from Paul Solomon.

"Know that the time is short. The vibrations of this earth are being raised to such a high level that those who are not in tune with God's purposes, with His import, with His message, cannot remain upon that portion of the earth that would be so perfected."

Now in this Lamplighter letter, I include a quotation from the publicity for the recent event:

17th September 1985

A day to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace among all nations and all peoples of the world.

In many parts of the U.K. Peace Vigils are planned to take place from 8.00pm - 9.00pm culminating with the Silent Minute and Peace Bell. Church Bells will be rung in peals at 9.01prn after the Silent Minute.

In London a Peace Day Festival Concert at the Albert Hall is being organised by the U.N. Peace Day Festival Committee on the initiative of the U.N. University for Peace, with representatives present from many different faiths and religions. Many other events are planned, to make this day memorable for one in which a major impulse towards achieving peace is given to this planet, and it is hoped that not only will people respond to this opportunity whole-heartedly, joining in the main events that are being organised and organising their own events, but also that the impulse will carry on working into 1986, the International Year of Peace and beyond, with each international Day of Peace providing a reminder and a fresh impetus each year.

During World War II a special 'Silent Minute' was instituted, coinciding with the chiming of Big Ben at 9.00pm each evening, during which men and women in Britain and the Commonwealth were asked to devote one minute of their time to pray for peace and thus create a channel between the visible and invisible worlds through which Divine help and inspiration could be received. This Silent Minute was broadcast by the BBC from 1940 until the late 1950s, and is known to have made a powerful contribution to peace, giving strength, courage and hope to millions.

Since the BBC ceased broadcasting the 9.00pm chimes of Big Ben, the Silent Minute has been kept alive in many homes and countries by an unknown number of people, many of them being consciously united in peace movements such as the Lamplighter and Silent Minute Movement, the former having been privately instituted to replace the BBC broadcast. Now, and in a regenerated way, the same idea has emerged in a new and even wider context, as part of a United Nations impulse to establish peace on earth and brotherhood between all nations.

The Organising Committee invited me to the Concert in the Albert Hall to read the Prayer for Peace, and lead into the Silent Minute. The prayer runs:
Lead us from Death to Life, from Falsehood to Truth
Lead us from Despair to Hope, from Fear to Trust
Lead us from Hate to Love, from War to Peace
Let Peace fill our Hearts, our World, our Universe.

It was assuredly a moving occasion when 3000 people rose to hold the Silent Minute. This was introduced by a drum roll on the astonishing Japanese Drums. To close the silence the great drum boomed.

During my short speech in commentary I did honour to our dear friend Joyce Pearce of the Ockendon Venture, for whom a Memorial Service was held the next day in Westminster Abbey. I also spoke of the origins of the Silent Minute, which, as we know, is so closely linked with the birth of the Lamplighter Movement. I had the powerful sense that both Joyce and Wellesley Tudor-Pole were with us on these occasions. We must in our imaginative vision see that those sojourning on the invisible planes are very close and, when invoked by attunement, can really live in our thinking and our hearts. This factor is of supreme importance in the present world crisis. The higher worlds of being are surely watching our planet with intense interest, for the Grand Experiment of Humanity now reaches a culminating stage. The fifth act in the drama has begun and we all have a part to play.

We approach a turning point which is nothing less than a new birth. As the individual human being changes direction and of free choice steps beyond egoism into alignment with the Divine Plan, the cosmic energies can be channelled into our polluted planet with cleansing and transforming effect.

'Operation Redemption' calls for human initiative. As we realise the organic Oneness of the human kingdom and rededicate our own lives with 'repeatedly renewed intent', we take part in the awakening of the planet. Earth is a seed point for the birth of something new in the Universe. I close this letter with a quotation from Evelyn Nolt's poem:

Man tread softly on the Earth
What looks like dust
is also stuff of which galaxies are made.

The green of Earth's great trees and simple grasses
is the same music played in red
Throughout our trunks and limbs....

O Earth, living, breathing, thinking Earth
On the day we treasure you
As you have treasured us
Humanness is born.

And throughout all Light
A Radiance leaps from star to star
Singing:A Son is born:

May I thank all who responded so generously to our appeal for financial support. It seemed right that the Lamplighter Movement, though administered from the Wrekin Trust office, should be financially independent. A substantial donation came from one source offering hope for more if the general membership of the movement would respond to an appeal. To our delight over £1000 came in, which will cover the next years of Letters to Lamplighters. My warm greetings to all. We are linked in a subtle and delightful way and the movement steadily and quietly grows. I am sure it is watched from above and used to good purpose and that our dear friend and inspirer who conceived the idea - Wellesley Tudor-Pole - is happy at the progress made.

With love and blessings


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