The Attingham Park period
The Warden, Attingham Park adult college Serving at dinner A pause for thought Sandwiches in the rain Discoursing Hmmm... Peregrinations on a theme It's necessary to understand that this is a very subtle point Visionary Outdoor pursuits Happy days Sir George in meditation Concerning the integral structure of living things Surely not!?  (George with Bruce Macmanaway) Sir George and Lady Helen playing king and queen Paranormal phenomena or double exposure? (Sir George with Reshad Field) Official duties Well, just fancy that!  (With John Shelley) With Pir Vilayat Khan With R Ogilvie Crombie and Peter Caddy Ah, the Nineteen Sixties... But George, what about keeping to the schedule? Indeed.  (With Andrew Glarewski) The Young People's course, 1969
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