A Life Well Lived  –  part two
Taking a bow at the end of a lecture, as Sir George's Attingham days drew to a close in 1970-71 The climax of one of the Young People's courses, 1970 Sir George in his sixties, during the 1970s George, a seventysomething man, late 1970s With friends, late 1980s With Lady Helen Trevelyan With friends, late 1980s Sir George's home at Hawkesbury in the Cotswolds Sir George's collection of crystals Sir George's study at Hawkesbury Time off at a conference in Eastbourne Still lecturing, early 1990s Um, what does this say? Geseke and Sir George Still at it, doing the 1990s At the Externsteine, Germany, early 1990s Sir George the Octogenarian Striding out to the end Sir George's 80th birthday celebration, London, with Pir Vilayat Khan With Roger Orgill, 1990s The Elder - still at work after all these years One of the last photos of Sir George, a year before his passing Sir George at Wookey Hole Caves, not long before his passing
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