A Life Well Lived  –  part one
The Trevelyan family - younger generation A young man at the front door of Wallington George the student George, a twentysomething man, late 1920s George outside Attingham - around 1949 Taking on a large task Practical details George, the Warden George the architectural expert Attingham - a gathering place for people George the tour guide Sir George and Lady Helen Trevelyan George's office at Attingham Middle age Guiding visitors around Attingham Entertaining a visiting musical quartet Leading a course with healer Bruce Macmanaway, mid-1960s With the Attingham administrative staff, mid-1960s With Pir Vilayat Khan, late 1960s Addressing Attingham students, with Ruth Bell Inspirational lecturing at a Young People's course, late 1960s Sir George in his fifties, late 1960s Profound elucidations The Young People's course, 1969
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