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Palden Jenkins

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I didn't know Sir George very well. I met him properly only twice. Yet each crossing of paths, lasting only hours, was significant. Significant enough to move me to build this website. As a gift.

In the 1980s, I had heard of him. He was of a different generation and genre to me. I was an aging hippy and ex-LSE student rebel with a very different background. By the Eighties I was no longer new to the game. I lived in Glastonbury and was a dedicated new age campaigner. I had founded the OakDragon Camps. These were empowering initiatory and holistic educational holiday camps, for 80-300 people at a time. Sir George came to a camp we held at Alton Barnes, just south of Avebury - the year before the first big, complex crop formations appeared a few fields over from where we then were. This was 1988.

He came, he bore witness to what we were doing, shared lunch with us, gave us a pep talk, and he went. Everyone fondly followed him as he shambled, stick in hand, to his car, and we waved him out of the gate. To the Eighties-style 'alternative types' at the camp it had represented a magical meeting of worlds and paths. Our paths were not that contrasting, in principle. Yet here was a gent from 'the older generation' who had blessed us, like a visiting bishop, and who had been completely accepted as an Elder whose judgement seemed unusually open and sound.

Sir George and Palden A decade later, at Geseke Clark's house in Warwick, I met Sir George again. He asked me to give him an astrological session. A bit strange that: me, a mere squirt in my forties, trying to place myself in the shoes of a man nearly twice my age, to offer him some astrological wisdom! I'm not even sure how much he heard of what I said. Yet, as is often the case, the dialogue was a cover for a much deeper exchange, beyond words. Beyond worlds. Somewhere out in the stars. Somewhere where concept and language, time and individualised separation are hardly known. There was something poignant in an elder seeking counsel from a younger person.

Later, I drove him back to his home at Hawkesbury. At that time he was already half with the angels, on his way toward the Other Side. I could feel him distinctly 'not there', strapped in the passenger seat, nodding dozily as we drove along the Fosse Way in a tin box on four wheels, in a time called the late Twentieth Century, on a planet called Earth. "Who are you, again?", he would say periodically.  "Palden, Geseke's friend."  "Ah yes, ah well, so nice to meet you." Then he would float off again. Indeed, yes, Sir George, it was good to meet you too.

Shortly after, he went, over to the Other Side, not long after our crossing of paths. Then time passed. Geseke and I were chatting in her kitchen and, with a quizzical look, she said, "I feel Sir George has something else to say. What can I do?". We discussed it. Then, something clicked. By 1999, I had become Glastonbury's webmaster, on the new-fangled Internet. "The man needs a website", I suddenly said. "Yes, that's it. Pull together all the photos, writings and records you can, Geseke, and I'll build a website. That's where to start. The rest will follow."

I had met him for but a short time, yet it was very significant. I sincerely pray that this website serves him well. If he has something new to say, I hope that we hear it, or that someone gets it down and sends it in! In ten, fifty or five hundred years time, these records will surely prove very relevant. Records of a pioneer, a pioneer from back then, in the very early days of the planetary redemption. One of those way-showers who gave voice to the nascent ideas of an historic renaissance.

He brought together and blessed other pioneers, encouraging and re-empowering them. A man of the Twentieth Century, born six years after it started and departing four years before it ended. If indeed he has a mission in the Twenty-First, it will probably take a very different form. The truth one carries goes through many transformations.

Palden Jenkins

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