Sir George Trevelyan: close encounters

Memories of Sir George

Theo Gimbel

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In 1958 I started a class for painting with water colour. In my class were some eight adults. The work was to introduce the students to therapy painting. In that class was a woman who invited me to her home in Clifton for supper. She started to tell me about Attingham Park and the man who ran the show as an adult further education college. His name was Sir George Trevelyan. This led to me travelling by car to Attingham Park with my new friend, Mary Frazer.

When I first saw this most impressive person, Sir George, I felt humbled and stood in awe of his most eloquent presentation. Mary must have told him that I had been a prisoner of war in Russia and that I had heard the music of the spheres.

On my second - maybe third - visit to Attingham I was asked to meet a few friends after the evening lecture. Sir George, Major Bruce Macmanaway, Dr Cumming, Fr. Andrew Glazewski and myself were gathered and I told them not only the event of the music of the spheres but also the appearance of the golden light during interrogation by the KGB.

We went regularly to Attingham Park where I met Ogilvy Crombie as well as Pir Viliat Inayat Khan and many other well-known people.

Sir George consulted me about colour, and his wife, Lady Trevelyan, made beautiful silk ties. Little by little I was invited to various functions and my friendship with Sir George developed. He took me to a place near Petersfield where I was introduced to the most beautiful handcrafted furniture which George had made originally, and now a friend of his continued to make.

We drove together often and we had very thought provoking conversations. "Do you think there is such a noble beast as a unicorn?" I was very much searching in my mind. "Yes, I do think that this could be so but the horn of such an animal would be etheric and not physical; some would actually see it."

We talked about mosaic making and Ravenna. We came to the conclusion that there is an etheric field around all things. The etheric world was more and more a reality to both of us. Between us, we worked on the wonderful energy of the three dimensions and out of it came our Three-dimensional Cross which also gave rise to a new 'translation' of St Patrick's Breastplate.

In the summer of 1971 Sir George and Ruth Bell, his secretary, created the Wrekin Trust [having announced it earlier, while still at Attingham]. In this year George retired as the director of the educational work of Attingham Park. Now we were starting courses in many other great country houses and travelled even more together. I was often invited to share a meal in the various places where George lived.

Sir George was himself the conveyor of so much spiritual energy which flowed through him and he became an enlightened, magnificent soul, in whose presence I always felt elevated. Just before Christmas 1998 I went to see George and we had a lunch together. We had a wonderful conversation about the trees and the stars, both of which were very visible from his upstairs rooms.

Sir George gave many highly inspired lectures to the students at the Hygeia College of Colour Therapy over many years. His spirit will never leave either this house or its garden.

Theo Gimbel

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