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At the Externsteine

Almut Martini

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Sir George with Almut MartiniDear George, I am so grateful for all you gave, for all I learned from you - and I am sure I speak for many German people...

I remember when we met for the first time at the Externsteine on 15th March 1987, the day of the full moon and in a snow storm - not normal weather for that time of the year, and we became friends. I remember your words: "I have a friend called Peter Dawkins, he must come and see the Externsteine!" You started the ball rolling - all our pilgrimage work started from then on. Then your first inspiring lecture in our centre which drew more than 100 people in the room that is designed for about 50 people. You started the talk with the quotation in German of the 'Song of Joy' ('Ode an die Freude' from Schiller) which later – since the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989 – became our main pilgrim song and is now the Hymn of the European Community.

At the ExternsteineI remember the wonderful weekend conference in October 1989 with you, when Peter Caddy and Peter Dawkins came for the first time to Haus der Begegnung, In the Sacrophagus at the ExternsteineBad Pyrmont, the walks to the Externsteine and your experience of the 'temple sleep' in the sarcophagus there. Then our prayers together at the foot of the stones for the fall of the Berlin Wall and peace between East and West Germany. Probably none of us believed that this would become true so quickly after that!

I remember you quoting in English and in German together with Geseke Clark who also translated your lectures. Nobody who listened to your enthusiastic talks will forget your infectious joy, your shining eyes...  And what a beautiful gesture to hand scarves to the 'ladies' - I am still wearing your pilgrim's scarf. All these memories are like the sound of a gong in my soul. It is said, "Angels are God's messengers" - you were a messenger for many.

What is the magic in the work you did? It is love. A flaming heart left the physical plane. Thank you, George.

Almut Martini

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