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A complete collection of Sir George's books.

His books are now available online only. They are obtainable in print through second-hand bookstores or book searches.

For printing out or reading offline, you can download a zipfile of each book below. To look through a book, or to print it out directly through your browser, go through the titles on the right.

Zipfile downloads:
Exploration into God (190k)
A Vision of the Aquarian Age (221k)
The Active Eye in Architecture (753k)
Magic Casements (72k)
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Articles and Lectures

Exploration into God
A Personal Quest for Spiritual Unity

Magic Casements
The Use of Poetry
in the Expanding of Consciousness

The Active Eye in Architecture
An approach to
dynamic and imaginative looking

A Vision of the Aquarian Age
The Emerging Spiritual World View

Coming later...
Operation Redemption
A Vision of Hope in an Age of Turmoil

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Sir George Trevelyan
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"Affairs are now soul size – the enterprise is exploration into God"
- Christopher Fry
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