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Brief overviews
Memories and observations
Thoughts & writings: articles
Thoughts & writings: books
Photo collection
Attingham Park
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Sir George's Biography

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The Wrekin Trust today
Timeline  1906-1996

Brief Biographies

Eighty Years Young David Lorimer
Tribute from his nephew Michael Dower
Obituary Peter Dawkins
Something of an Autobiography
Obituary The Times

Photo Collection

Photo Collection - main page
  A life well lived - 1
  A life well lived - 2
  Younger and formative days
  Attingham Park – 1950s-60s
  The Wrekin Trust period – 1970s-80s
  Octogenarian adventures
  Teaching and sharing
  Friends old and new

Thoughts & writings: articles

Letter to Lamplighters
The Cosmic Christ in the New Age
Missionary Movement
for the Cosmic Christ

Emergence of the New Humanity
Thoughts on Childbirth
Landscape Temples
Retirement and Old Age
Meditation and its Purpose
The Living Word
Prototypes of Holistic Achievement

Memories and Observations

Tribute from his Secretary  Ruth Nesfield-Cookson
Memories of Sir George  Rhoda Cowen
At Attingham Park  Peter Palfreman
Dear George, beloved Friend!  Geseke Clark
George's and outdoor adventure  Roger Orgill
Sir George and the Wrekin Trust  Barbara Siddall
Sir George and Trees  Anne MacEwen
Memories of Sir George  Theo Gimbel
At the Externsteine  Almut Martini
The Turning Point  Frédéric Lionel
Rudolf Steiner  B J Nesfield-Cookson
Sir George and Shakespeare  Peter Dawkins
Sir George's Bacon-Shakespeare interests  Peter Dawkins
In command  Caroline McCausland
Brief encounters  Palden Jenkins
Short anecdotes and observations various

Attingham Park

1. A hubbub of activity
2. Courses offered at Attingham
3. Daily realities at Attingham
4. The Sixties
5. The Attingham Zodiac Mosaics
6. Picture archive - Introduction
7. Picture Archive:

  i. House and Grounds
  ii. Life & People
  iii. Courses & Conferences (pt1)
  iv. Courses & Conferences (pt2)
  v. George Trevelyan, warden

Thoughts & writings: books

A Vision of the Aquarian Age
Foreword by George Trevelyan
1  A Spiritual World View
2  Spiritual Awakening in Our Time
3  The Ageless Wisdom Re-emerges
4  School of Earth
5  Death – the Great Adventure
6  Transformation of Man
7  New Age Now
8  Living into Change
9  Stewards of the Planet
10  The Polluted Planet and the Living Spirit
11  Apocalypse Now
12  Christ and the Adversary Forces
13  Meditation – the Gateway
14  Man Attuned – the Hope for the Future

Exploration into God
I  Vision of Hope
II  A Personal Quest
III  Risen Thinking
IV  Adventures in Imagination & Channelling
V  Breakthrough
VI  Operation Redemption

The Active Eye in Architecture
1. Stone in Movement
2. The Lively Image
3. Birth of a Column
4. Metamorphosis in Plants
5. The Primary Polarity
6. Man the Measure
7. A Venture into Vanbrugh
8. The Ubiquitous Pillar
9. Imagination into Gothic
10. The Spiritual Springs of Architecture

Magic Casements
Part One
Part Two

Zipfiles of books

Exploration into God
A Vision of the Aquarian Age
The Active Eye in Architecture
Magic Casements

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Sir George Trevelyan
An archive of his life and work

"Affairs are now soul size – the enterprise is exploration into God"
- Christopher Fry
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