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On the right are some choice pictures of Sir George in his final decade.

The photo collection which follows has two main sections:
A Life Well Lived – 44 pictures spanning Sir George's life, for visitors just wanting a quick look
Archive – lots of pictures, arranged in seven sections, for visitors and researchers seeking a more comprehensive collection


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A big thank you to
all contributing photographers!

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Sir George Trevelyan
An archive of his life and work
Photo Collection

"Affairs are now soul size – the enterprise is exploration into God"
- Christopher Fry
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WEBMASTER'S NOTE:  Pictures in Sir George's photo collection have been sourced from all sorts of people and places, then individually computer-treated to bring out the best in them (colours, contrast, orientation, cropping, sharpness). In some cases, especially with pictures from the 1950s, picture quality is relatively poor. Many of the 1950s pictures were culled by re-photographing ageing and delicate pictures, themselves not the best quality, stored in Sir George's picture albums now held by the National Trust at Attingham Park – in some cases their quality is unavoidably poor.

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