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We greatly appreciate your input. May this archive website serve its intended purpose well:  to make available records of the life and work of Sir George Lowthian Trevelyan, to the people of the Twenty-First Century.
We invite you to contribute material to this website.

We seek the following kinds of material:
• anecdotes big and small from people who knew or met Sir George
• writings by him we have not yet found
• writings about him, or evidence of his activities
• material which supports or expands on Sir George's ideas
• photos or drawings which fill gaps in the photo collection
• graphic leaflets or posters advertising Sir George's events
relevant links suggestions (non-commercial)
• any other material which might add to this site.

We welcome volunteers interested in transcribing and typing material onto computer. Please .

Copyright questions and smallprint:

Sending material to us implies that you give permission to use it on this site (and this site only) without need for further consultation. if this presents a difficulty.
Copyright is retained by you or by the copyright-holder of the material (please seek their permission). All submitted material will be treated with respect and care, and will be used for no other purpose than posting on this site. Please give us an e-mail address in case there are copyright enquiries. If material or photos are valuable, . Submission of material does not automatically mean acceptance for use on this site.

Please submit material in one of the following ways. With larger items, it might be best to contact us first.

1. send text by e-mail, as plain text, RTF, or MSWord. , giving details.

2. send a PC-format floppy disk by post, with the content in an easily-read format, as above. for an address.

 If sending pictures by e-mail, they need to be well-scanned, preferably in a PC-format uncompressed JPG, GIF or TIF format, 72dpi and preferably 600 pixels along the long axis. Please do not send pictures over 500k without advance warning. If you are not confident about managing the above technical details, please for tips.

4. text and pictures by post.  Please , giving details of what you're proposing to send, and she will send you the relevant address to send it to. We will return all text and pictures sent. If the pictures are valuable, you might want to send by registered post. Photocopies of photographs do not always have sufficient quality for good reproduction on the Web - original photos are preferred.

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Sir George Trevelyan
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"Affairs are now soul size – the enterprise is exploration into God"
- Christopher Fry
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