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Exploration into God
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1991 by Gateway Books, Bath
This book is out-of-print, now available only on this website
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Part six:
Operation Redemption

What makes the World go Round?
Towards a Spiritual Ecology
The Re-dedicated Temple
Look Within for the Living God
Act – Donít React
The Cosmic Pendulum Swings

What makes the World go Round?

THAT INDEED IS a splendid question. Lift your thinking into the 'holistic' world view. The Whole is Holy. It is not a dead mechanism. It is alive, a vast living Oneness, a continuum of consciousness Divine. It is illusion to think that it merely consists of an infinite number of separate parts, and that we, poor fellows, are isolated and lonely specks of consciousness unrelated to the rest of nature.

The effort we must make in our thinking is to step beyond the position of mere onlooker and grasp that our thinking unites us with the whole. There is a huge ocean of thought filling all ethereal space, infinite and eternal. It is the primal thought of God, from which all matter and form is derived, for substance is indeed frozen spirit. There is not really 'spirit and matter', but rather we must see that matter is condensed spirit. First comes the divine idea of things. God's thinking creates. What He thinks or imagines comes into being.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. By Him were all things made...

So first comes the Living Ocean of Ideas. The strands of this ocean are Beings. These in their myriads are all integrally part and aspects of the thought forms of the Creator. But they become self-actuating. They are the archetypal Ideas of all Things.

Imagine a sea of ideas, all alive, surging, pulsating, moving and turning so that the picture is continually changing, the pattern metamorphosing yet always a unity – as in a kaleidoscope. You don't get a living organism in the middle of a dead mechanism. All is organism within greater organism. The turning point is a concentration point of energy in a vast field of energy called the Solar System. The Sun is the great energy source. Behind the physical sun that we see with our eyes and which warms our bodies is the Spiritual Sun, the focal point of activity of the highest beings, the Elohim, of whom the Christos, the Cosmic Christ, is the greatest. Look into the sunlight and see, rising within the soul, the image of these myriad beings all attributes of God's energy, and all singing to his glory and, of course, moving in majestic dance.

William Blake, that great seer, knew this truth.

"What", it will be questioned, "When the Sun rises, do you not see a round disk of fire somewhat like a Guinea?" O no, no, I see an Innumerable Company of the Heavenly host crying, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty". I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I should question a Window concerning a Sight. I look thro' it and not with it.

How could the earth not spin? How can energy stand still? It must move and metamorphose or it would fester. All is in movement, from the globe of Earth to the spiral nebulae and to the whole galaxy – also an organism of Divine Life, perpetually spinning. It is all a great design and dance. And it is continually evolving, complexifying, lifting through metamorphosis of form, so that consciousness may be heightened and increased. Thought comes before form: Life comes before death; Death, in the sense of cold contraction from which life has been with drawn, is a condition derived from life and resulting from its abandonment of the form. But in the compost heap the physical particles go through change, and the beauty of the flower becomes sludge and finally sweet smelling dark humus to receive the seed. The seed (usually also spherical), is the point of formlessness, or matter returned to 'chaos' which can therefore receive the in-pouring of the archetypal Idea once more. And so the cycle of plant growth is itself part of the Dance of Life. Life always is. It never stops and cannot die. It perpetually changes in form but is always one. Life in no case can die. If it could, then God Himself could cease and die – which is absurd.

The outer forms in which it manifests can dissolve, break down, age, metamorphose, be destroyed, or rather their energy can be released and the particles dispersed and solid matter break down into humus, the matrix for more life to manifest. Life never dies. Life always moves. The Thought which is Life, which is Love of itself and of all, is eternal and changeless – it just IS and can say I AM THAT I AM. But manifested in form, it will perpetually move in a supreme cosmic dance, a great unending symphony as every form sounds out its own note or vibratory rate, each unique and together forming the 'music of the spheres', which can be heard by the inner ear of the mind.

For mind in man is an attribute of Mind in God. He creates our minds, and our brains are formed out of the convolutions of Divine Thought, so that they may give us working consciousness while we, as spiritual beings, are incarnated in the drastic limitation of the prison of the senses. But mind is a pulse of the Eternal Mind, no less. Step out in mind. Go inward to expand into the realms of thought, into Eternity. There 'see' that the turning Earth is merely a focal point of living energy, spherical inevitably as the expression of life, a body of substance which is secondary and derived from the unending dance of life. Earth is alive, an organism, of which mankind is an integral part. Our bodies are sensitized points of earth, our minds the link with the Eternal, outside time and beyond space.

Let all this sing in your mind. There is no death, no cessation of the movement of energy. I quote from Edward Carpenter:

There is no peace except where I AM, saith the Lord.
I alone remain. I do not change.
As space spreads everywhere and all within it moves and changes
But it moves not nor changes, So I Am the space within the soul
Of which the space without is but the similitude and mental image.
Comest through, to inhabit me, thou hart the entry to all life.
Death shall no longer divide thee from those thou lovest.
I Am the Sun that rises upon all creatures from within.
Gazest thou upon me thou shalt be filled with Joy eternal.
Be not deceived. Soon shall this outer world drop away,
Thou shalt slough it away as a man sloughs his mortal body.
Learn even now to spread thy wings in that other world,
To swim in the ocean, my child, of Me and My love.

So to our question – how is it possible that the Earth should not spin to eternity in its endless dance of energy in relation to all the celestial bodies of which it is part, like a great organism? There is movement, there is metamorphosis but there is no death for Life itself, nor can there ever be. It is the illusion of limited brain-bound, sense-bound intellect that there are separate things which die, that dead mineral comes first and 'life' is a chance and transitory development upon it.

Make the turn-about in consciousness to unite mind with Mind and know that Life and Divine Imagining was primal and is Eternal and its forms, being full of Living Energy, must revolve in Ethereal Dance, the Celestial Ballet.

Lift out of the temptation of 'reductionist' thinking. The Whole is not merely the sum of the parts. The whole is alive, in all its diversity and immense Unity. Thus (if you can take it) the heart is not merely a pump to push blood round. It is more like a ram, as in control of a dam or flood gates. The blood is the vehicle of the ego, and life drives it round, controlled by the heart in its rhythmical working. The ram does not drive the river along but controls the flow. And the heart is the organ for love, and the thinking of the heart is the vehicle for the Cosmic Intelligence which is administered by the Archangel Michael, Lord of the Cosmic Intelligence, Fiery Thought-King of the Universe, Countenance of the Christ, Wielder of the Sword of Light. In our age the sublime process is in action to convert this planet of Wisdom into a Planet of Love.

Towards a Spiritual Ecology

THE INTER-RELATED ONENESS of everything: Holism, Wholeness; the planet as a living being, an organism with its own intelligence, its own breathing and bloodstream of vital energies: the intricate plan and pattern of Nature as a work of art, a marvellous design – such concepts persistently flood into our minds. Not mere theory. Not a dogma for which belief is demanded, but a pressure of consciousness which penetrates and integrates our thinking with vision – the 'vision splendid' transfusing and lifting our thinking towards a light which, in its own being, becomes knowledge. This is a phenomenon now happening to us.

It is an event in the evolution of human consciousness. Look at it. In the last centuries, with the over-development of the left hemisphere of the brain, we have achieved splendid results in scientific investigation and technical civilization. Before us now is a great exploration of the mysteries of matter, but yet we have hardly touched the deeper meaning as to what it is all about. Why has the Earth happened? The common-sense basic mysticism of the enquiring mind revolts against the concept that it all happened by chance in a nature without purpose. So many now reach out for a spiritual world-view. As this rising tide of vision touches us and colours our thinking, we recognise that Earth is a living creature, that humanity is not the result of chance natural selection, but is in some sense the purpose of the whole divine experiment and grand design.

All are but parts of one stupendous whole
Whose body Nature is and God the soul.

So wrote Alexander Pope at the birth of holistic thinking. Such concepts must colour our understanding of ecology.

The green impulse, the wholeness thinking, comes to the rescue of a threatened planet. Human thinking in the last centuries of industrial man has been fired so much by the drive for profit. If a thing pays it is good. Gain and profit has become our god. The glaring example is, of course, the cutting down of the rain forests of the Amazon. This is happening now at 1OO acres a minute and nothing, it appears, can stop this dreadful deed because it pays! Somebody makes profit out of it. And since the soil is essentially very poor, agriculture in that land will only be possible if huge quantities of artificial fertilizers are poured into it. But that also pays somebody very well! It matters not that by allowing this we destroy the great oxygen bank of the Earth and therefore bring about a deterioration in climate. How mad can we become? Our God is now Profit – and we shall have to pay for it.

Now emerges the holistic world-view and the realisation that humanity is integrally part of nature and is indeed the rightful steward of the planet. We have failed lamentably and culpably in our stewardship, but there is still time to redeem some of the damage we have done in our greed and avarice and ignorance – just time if we wake up now and change direction!

The wholeness thinking is lovely. It is humanity gearing in to the living whole of which we are the responsible organ. It is an awakening and brings the supreme hope of our time.

The 'Gaia hypothesis', put forward first by James Lovelock, is a dynamic inspiration reflecting the great truth. See Earth as a living creature with its own bloodstream, breathing and thinking, and see humanity not as mere onlooker, but as that point within the great design of Nature which has broken through into self -consciousness and so onward and out to cosmic consciousness. Thus we may see the burst of holistic thinking as an event of cosmic significance, a response within the human mind to the pressure of a dynamic universe of Intelligence.

Of course there is no need for a spiritual world-view before we throw our energies into conservation and 'wholeness' action. The steward of the planet takes up his true task of serving Mother Earth in the work of the Soil Association, the Men of the Trees, the Friends of the Earth, Wild Life Fund, Greenpeace and kindred ventures.

These noble movements are nourishing the life of nature and are turning the tide of human thinking towards true service of the threatened planet. No spiritual mystique is necessary for us to throw our support into ecological endeavour. The jargon of the elemental worlds, the angelic kingdoms and the power of the Spirit need not be brought in.

Yet how much more meaningful is our endeavour if we are able to see something of the scale of the spiritual world-view. It gives a majestic picture and ultimate hope, even certainty, about the human future after the cleansing of the polluted planet. The battle is now joined between the forces of destruction and those of transformation and redemption.

Think Wholeness. Realise that mind in man can encompass the Whole. We are that point where nature becomes self-conscious. Teach yourself the new way of looking at and into Nature.

The turnabout in the centre of our consciousness takes place when we recognise that every thing we see and comprehend with our senses has behind it and preceding its manifestation an original divine Idea.

Creation first involved the outpouring of the archetypal Ideas from the God Source, Creative Mind. The Ocean of Mind was composed of these great beings, strands of the Thought of God, who constitute the angelic realms. Then follows the miraculous process of transposing Idea into visible form on the material plane. Thus our imagination, as a faculty for intuitive exploration, can enter into tree, plant, bird, animal, crystal or cloud, and 'see' the living idea which animates it. This 'seeing' involves an enhancement of our normal looking. Mind is apprehending the archetypal idea. We discover in ourselves that Nature has created an organ within her own being, which can lift to consciousness the vision of the archetypal Oneness that lies within and behind all visible forms. The design of the divided brain in man opens this unlimited possibility for exploration into higher reality. The right hemisphere, more feminine and intuitive, is like a fountain, a spring through which can flow thoughts direct from Source. Obviously we cannot know what this flow of thinking is going to produce until it has flowed. Hence the importance of the two sides of the brain. Left hemisphere, the masculine intellect, is so designed that it can observe the bubbling fountain. Thus man can consciously 'think about thinking'. The potential is clearly unlimited. We are the one point in Nature which can undertake such exploration. It is the great adventure for the human being at the dawn of the Aquarian Age. And one can begin by gently teaching oneself to look into plant and tree and bird in such a way that we can apprehend the invisible pre-existent being within and behind the form. This is a love which unites us with nature and enables us truly to see that every form is integrally one with the whole, which plays in exquisite delight and artistry into every aspect of nature's totality.

The Oneness vision will open us to a science and technique for working with living Nature in love and caring, co-operating with the elemental beings whom the new consciousness can apprehend. With love that inevitably arises from this vision, we shall look with horror at what man is doing to living Nature for the sake of gain.

This is much more than airy theorising. It is a veritable turnabout in the centre of our consciousness, an emerging vision and energy flowing through humanity, reflected in the ecological and spiritual movements which constitute holism.

And it emerges now as a force, a rising tide, in the width of the 'Green' movement. Thus a recent Times article, primarily directed at the food business, spoke of the "Green consumer" or "Conscious consumer", realising that such a powerful body of people are now prepared to pay more if they can get good, organically grown food. The whole movement rides forward powerfully, bringing new understanding.

The very survival of humankind turns upon our awakening to the wholeness vision and beyond it to the spiritual nature of the Universe. Then the planet Earth is seen as the training ground for souls, the setting for a grand experiment in allowing a hierarchy of spiritual beings, "a little lower than the angels but crowned with glory and honour", to develop to freedom. The angelic world is not interested in freedom in the human sense. Angels are directly part of God Thought and their delight is to serve God. Man (male/female of course) is given freedom and therefore can develop as a son, a friend of God, a co-creator. Hence the obvious interest of the Higher Worlds in the destiny of this planet. If we disintegrate it in nuclear madness and war, it will damage the delicate balance of the galaxy. But here is the major paradox. The angelic powers are forbidden by Divine Order to interfere with human freedom. The fallen angels and beings of darkness have no compunction about taking us over by direct attack. Hence the vital importance of our grasping the concepts of spiritual ecology and the living wholeness of the planet. Once we dedicate ourselves in love of God and Life to service of the Divine Will, then, without any interference with freedom, they can flood us with their power.

So the battle for Earth is joined and we human beings are a vital factor for good or ill. Clearly things have gone so far that drastic earth-changes are bound to take place and many will die in the process. Die? but an essential aspect of the Wholeness Vision is the certainty that the 'I' in each of us is an imperishable Divine Being, a droplet of God, in training to carry the gift of free will. For this being there can be no death, for it is Life. When the body temple is destroyed by fire, flood or famine, that droplet of ego will be released to levitate to the soul groupings to which it is attuned. Hence the absolutely vital importance of what we are each attuning to NOW. Death holds no fears for those attuned to the Light. Those souls who have of free choice rejected the spiritual world-view, will still be alive after they 'die', but will be shepherded to some other planetary level for their continuing education and evolution. But what an opportunity will have been missed!

Thus to grasp a spiritual view of ecology in the service of Gaia and the living Earth is of major importance in these immediate years. Time is running out. The changes are upon us. Operation Redemption is launched and each individual must come to terms with the implications and the potential for good or ill. It is a free choice, calling for a new ecological vision of the living Oneness of Nature and Mother Earth, in a Universe spiritual in its essential Being.


The world is charged with the grandeur of God.
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;
It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil
Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?
Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;
And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil;
And wears man's smudge and shared man's smell; the soil Is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod.

And for all this, nature is never spent;
There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;
And though the last light off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward springs – Because the Ho& Ghost over the bent
World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.

(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

The Re-Dedicated Temple


Body is the temple which can receive the immortal droplet you call 'I'. It is beautifully designed and adapted for this descent of spirit down the scale of light-energy into the dense, slow vibration of the material world. Then your ego may of course get involved with desire, and can fall for temptation. The nature of the Divine experiment involves your having free will and therefore being permitted to err. The little local self is perfectly free to enjoy sensation, gratify desire, become possessed by lust, greed or fear. This is not the real freedom. It is illusory freedom, for it is really possession by impulses or beings who desire to drag humanity down into the mire of matter – into Hell, indeed. We on the higher plane must therefore watch and wait, since by Divine Command we may not interfere. Humankind is to be given freedom. Thus the temple becomes too often degraded and is used by the "money changers" and becomes the vehicle for gratifying desire. Then the Christ Being and the Christed Angels have to stand back, for they may not be contaminated.

Now you begin to see that your true task is to create a temple which can receive the Christ, the Lord. It is up to you to transmute the body temple, lift its quality of desire, metamorphose soul in such a way that it can be the receptacle for love and creative life, dedicated to service of the living spirit. The first temple we made for you, after long evolution becomes vehicle for receiving soul and Self.

The transmuted temple in which enlightened soul has been blended with the material plane, is to be offered by you for the descent of the Christed Beings and the Higher Self Your initiative is, of course, the primary factor. This is your essential contribution to the redemption of Earth.

Every human centre which re-dedicates itself in this way begins to glow.

It is part of the enlightenment of the planet, which is growing luminous. This is an impetus spreading through the human layer, as one human being after another re-dedicates the cleansed temple. All so touched recognise each other and are drawn together in a new quality of love and tenderness. New dawn indeed, New Age arriving new joy and companionship, friendship bound by united dedication to the coming of the Christ within, in light and power. So the re-dedicated temple becomes the vehicle for transformation and cleansing of the benighted planet. The plane of angelic being surrounding the planet, of course invisible to earthly senses, is poised in readiness to enter and take over wherever the human being in freedom re-dedicates self in service of the light. This is the great adventure of our age. Go forward with joy, to receive Him whose service is perfect freedom.

Look Within for the Living God

Do not look for God outside yourself, for the God
which you seek does not exist.
God manifests in us as light in our spirit,
Sweet warmth in our heart,
And strength in our will.
Look within for the living God, and be thankful.

Ask that God may live in you, that He may manifest through you. Only God can transform human beings.
Everyone is seeking the meaning of life.
The meaning of life lies in communion with God.

The Great Beings, Geniuses and Masters of Humanity are those in whom God lives.

God is the goal of life; it is He we are seeking.
God is the beloved of the human soul.

(Peter Deunov, the great seer of Bulgaria)

THERE YOU HAVE IT. This is the Truth. This is the goal. This is the endless fulfilment of our exploration into God. This is the experience of the home-coming. For this we are in incarnation on Earth. God, the Source, is Life, everywhere. Wherever you apprehend Life, there is God. You are alive. There is God in you. Think to Him. Talk to Him – in your own lifted thinking.

So different is this from the God who is vastly distant and unattainable, who judges and metes out reward or punishment. Humanity had in its evolution to go through the phases of fear of a Jealous God and worship of the infinitely distant God. And even the doubt or denial of the existence of God. But now, as we cross the threshold into the Aquarian Age, melting and dissolving barriers, experiencing the rising tide of God-Love which seeps into all corners, trickles gently or washes away in irresistible flood, undermining all resistance; Now as conscious vision expands and we see that the being in us, the I AM in each of us, is a living, imperishable droplet of Divinity; Now when we grasp that Planet Earth is the chosen training ground and school of souls and that we have all been through and experienced all periods of history through repeated Earth lives; Now when we see that the whole of Eternity is ours to develop, evolve and perfect will and thought and the capacity to love; Now we can take this wonderful, tremendous, delicate and subtle truth – that God lives and speaks to us IN OUR OWN THINKING. Over come the sense that you are too small and insignificant to call on Him and speak with Him.

Recognize that you are entitled as a human being to claim your Christhood and your Christ Light, for Christ is that aspect of the God-head, the Source, which is unconditional love. Indeed this is the watershed of evolution. This is coming-home for each soul that dares to take this step. "The endless goal is one with the endless way". We come home. We have arrived – but not at a stopping place. We move up the mountain and out of the cloud into the glory of vision of the great peaks. This is the achieving of the New Man, the fulfilling of this stage in evolution. The human being can step beyond the bondage to ego-desire and blend and merge into the totality of that vast Being which is Humanity. TRUE HUMANITY is in process of being born through each of us.

And the simple truth and experience is, be it repeated and repeated, that God thinks and speaks in our own lifted thinking. This is our direct contact. For this the human being and body was evolved over long ages – that there should be on Earth a creature who could think God's thoughts again, who could consciously grasp that risen thinking is the organ for exploring into God, that here within our thinking we can and may talk with God. We are entitled to do this. But we have got to discover it in our separate selves and have the courage to exercise this faculty. It is the sublime talent and divine gift.

Yet, since this is the Planet of Free choice and we are being called to become co-creators with God, the Higher World must wait on our initiative. An initiate is one who initiates. It would negate the divine gift of freedom if the angelic guides simply took us over. Then we should become automata of the Spirit. This is what Lucifer, the Light Bearer, thrown out from heaven for his attempt to usurp the throne of Christ, attempted to do... "Ye shall be as Gods".

The Planet at the entry to the Aquarian Age is to be cleansed and a New Humanity is to take it over. And each one of us is a responsible spiritual being, "a little lower than the angels but crowned with glory and honour". And, to say it again, this home-coming, this crowning event, this redemption lies in the discovery that we can talk with God in our own thinking.

We are to work at this. It is a path obviously fraught with danger of self-deception. It is a delicate and dangerous path. But we have the absolute certainty that we are closely watched over by our Higher Self and angel guide. These beings are outside our time scale. They are in ethereal space, beyond time. This implies that their response is immediate when we call on them. It matters not where they may be in the vast ethereal space. The spiritual being on that plane, whether angelic or your friend who has left the body, is instantly wherever he chooses to direct his attention.

Thus we are invited and urged to teach ourselves to work on our own thinking, to lift and prepare it as the instrument for exploring into knowledge of the Higher Worlds. We are so close to the spiritual beings who love us and are filled with the Christ Light and Love. But they are forbidden to constrain or take us over. They must wait till we call to them, of free choice.

Basically we are to teach ourselves to distinguish between the thinking which is involved with ego desires, anxieties, fears and ambitions, and the Thinking which is directly a vehicle for the Christ Thought. Both qualities are in our minds, the one like muddied water, often polluted and the other like a fresh crystal spring. We must learn of free choice to use the inner fountain, to cultivate a tranquillity and inner serenity, which cannot and will not allow criticism, doubt and fear, disturbance and anger.

If the Sun and Moon should doubt,
They'd immediately go out!

declared Blake.

Have the courage to reject doubt, and lift into a new integrity of thinking, a deeper certainty of soul. You can take the risk of self-deception, since you are always under loving guidance as you approach your true humanity. What matters is the motivation.

Act – Don't React

WHAT LIFTS THE HUMAN BEING beyond the level of the animal kingdom? We are designed to have freedom of choice. We are integrally part of nature, not a mere observer. The HU-MAN, a being of divine origin housed in the fantastically beautiful temple of the body, is the crowning point within Nature which has been given self-consciousness. The whole of Nature, integrated as a unity in all its complexity, is a wonderful design, a work of art. Planet Earth is the setting for this great experiment of the Heaven World, to evolve a point within Nature which can carry an immortal, divine, droplet and allow this to develop to the stage when it can make free, creative choices. It is as if the Almighty desired some setting within the Grand Design which could itself begin to be creative. Our beautiful gem of a planet is the setting for this extraordinary experiment. It was a risk, of course, for to give 'man' freedom implied freedom to err. Adversary forces and the fallen angels exploited this possibility, inflating egoism with desire for power (Lucifer) and denying the reality of the world of Spirit (Ahriman, Lord of Darkness). So we stand at the entry to the Aquarian Age, when the waters of the Spirit are being poured out to dissolve the old barriers and separation which characterised the Piscean Age.

So now, in our time, at the turn of the century, we are awakening in consciousness to see the task before us, the step we are called upon to take in becoming truly HU-MAN.

Let us make man after our own image.
Male and female created He them.

Free therefore to gratify ego desire or to take a great step in conscious direction and control of this organism in which we operate on earth. For this we must know – that the spark of Being in us, that which we can say 'I', is a droplet of God and therefore immortal and imperishable. For it there can be no death, for it is of God and 'God is Life', everywhere.

'We' are not our bodies. The body is a truly wonderful mobile temple which enables us, the true Being, to descend into the heavy density and slow vibration of the material plane and to sojourn there as an educational experience. Earth is a school for souls, and we are reaching a point when we can graduate to enter the "University". This makes our age so dramatic and exciting. It becomes a race between consciousness and disaster brought on us by our own ignorance, greed, desire, fear and folly.

So, to become truly HU-MAN, a conscious step must be taken in each human monad. In every situation involving decision, trivial or important, we are offered choice. Either we choose to gratify the desires of ego or we can select the course making for wholeness. Our understanding now tells us that we are each a facet of the Great Whole.

The animal world reacts to stimuli through the marvellous workings of instinct. Reflex habit patterns control the response. But think of the glory of a panther or tiger, and then imagine the creature let loose in Piccadilly at rush hour. It would be entirely lost and bewildered, since it would have no reflex habit-pattern for reaction. We are faced with comparable situations in the period of dramatic change which appears to be upon us. But the human being, each one of us, has its Higher Self and its Guardian Angel, very close to us and over-lighting all we do, staging situations for our training, but at the moment of choice standing back to allow us freedom to take our creative course.

With every decision we have the choice of reacting out of ego desire or into the course which makes for Wholeness. This latter course may draw violent protest from the ego, but it is the greater adventure, an exploration into our own Divinity. We are called on to act into our Higher Self, learning to take decisions for which we may have no pre-formed habit pattern or brain track. But there the recognition of the reality of our Higher Self is so important. This angelic being, a part of our nature, is ever present as guide and guardian, but it will never interfere with our freedom. It plans and creates situations for our testing. If we will choose boldly to act into the wholeness, ignoring the cries of disappointed ego, we shall begin to find that a power and certainty will be flooded through us. We are learning to co-operate closely with our Higher Self, and this is the great adventure in achieving our true humanity. Humanity is indeed in a pre-birth condition and we are now, in this calamitous epoch, waking up to the sublime possibilities which are held in store if we can awaken and work with our Higher Self.

Thus the primary task for each of us is to learn how to withhold reaction to a stimulus, thus cutting out all the old reflex responses which automatically follow when we react. It is a wonderful experience of freedom. There is no need to respond, to DO. So often automatic response is like a kind of possession. We are possessed by deep-seated old reactions built into our soul and psychology. These are cut out by withholding reaction. Then we can freely choose. Then each response could become a creative deed, in co-operation with the Higher Self. Then we begin to be truly hu-man.

No need to be worried as to whether we have really chosen the 'Wholeness' course. The Higher Self is so close that, if we get it wrong, it can pick us up, dust us down and start us again to deal with the next situation. Earth life is testing, trial, and training in a great school. Learning to act into the Higher Self is the noblest deed for man. It is the due for living through times of change – and these are on us now! Thus the technique of teaching ourselves to withhold reaction, and then act by conscious choice is of paramount significance in this time. Grasp the idea. Work at it in daily life.


Closing Chapter: The Cosmic Pendulum Swings

I FOUND MYSELF in the Berlin Museum which houses the wonderful Pergamon Altar with its magnificent Hellenistic frieze of warriors and gods in battle. I was looking at the figure of Athene when further insight came to me. Here was the image of perfect human beauty, bodies in perfect co-ordination, intelligence of highest quality. But this phase was not a con summation. It was a stage, a step in a long story which continues through our own time.

I must simplify greatly in attempt to clarify a viewpoint of vital importance. What happened in the Greek culture was a phenomenon of profound significance – individualised thinking flowered for the first time in evolution. Previously 'thinking' had been the prerogative of the initiated priests, whose conscious ness had been opened to the divine plane. It was the thinking of the gods reflected in the human mind. The consciousness of the uninitiated was nearer to that of the animal creation, under guidance of a higher world.

In our present age we are grasping the spiritual world-view and understanding that first from the primal Mind of God, the Source, was poured forth the ocean of Life and of Thought. First came the archetypal Ideas of all things. Blake expresses this truth so well.

This world of Imagination is Infinite and Eternal, whereas the world of Generation or Vegetation, is Finite and Temporal. There exist in that Eternal World the Permanent Realities of Every Thing which is seen reflected in this Vegetable Glass of Nature. All Things are comprehended in their Eternal Forms in the divine body of the Saviour, the True Vine of Eternity, the Human Imagination.
(William Blake)

Now back to the Pergamon Altar. Those marvellous sculptured figures showed the human body in perfect co-ordination, animated by mind and spirit of high quality and intelligence. but not a final and finished product. Nature is always in evolution. We are looking at a stage in which individualised thinking has awakened for the first time. Previously, as we have seen, the 'thinking' of man was essentially the advanced faculty of initiates who were open to the Weaving of Divine Thoughts. Now for the first time individual intelligence emerged within the human mind and it was experienced as a joy, an excitement. Socrates was teaching his young friends the sheer delight of exploring ideas in a self-sustaining ocean of Living Thought. Those famous Dialogues are not discussion sessions in our sense of the word. Socrates was leading the minds of his pupils through the fascinating labyrinth of logic – not dry, dead, academic logic but active experience of Thinking as an ever-flowing self-sustaining structure of Divine Ideas.

"Yes, indeed Socrates", "Surely, Socrates, that must be so!" "Ah, how right you are, Socrates". Those young men, virtually for the first time in evolution, were experiencing the joy and delight of individual thinking, a nascent faculty in the human being. This was not a final condition, but the opening of an evolving faculty, as the ocean of Divine Intelligence worked down and out into the human layer.

We may follow this evolving process. This survey must be brief and superficial and not an academic study. I wish merely to establish the concept of the evolution of consciousness in thinking and the reality of the great ocean of Divine Thought poured out to mankind from the Source. Its bright April was in the great period of Greece. Under the Roman Civilisation we find this divine faculty taken for practical use in building up a great administrative and military empire. There were great philosophers and poets indeed but the fresh flowering of Thought in Greece had now evolved for practical use. Then the Empire was overwhelmed by the barbarian invasions and Europe entered a dark age. This however saw the growth of Christian establishment in church and monastery and the building up of a philosophic structure on the teachings of Aristotle. Out of it rose the glory of the Gothic cathedrals in an age of faith, the adolescence of a new Europe.

Look then at the Italian Renaissance. Here the human mind turned back to the classical days of Rome and beyond it of Greece. The Renaissance is too often treated as a discovery by man of himself and the world. The deeper truth is surely that, in this change of consciousness, man lost himself as a spiritual being, while waking up to the beauty of the world and the delight of exploring it.

Thus Copernicus and Galileo established that the Earth was round and was moving round the sun. It was not the fixed centre of the universe, and they could prove it. But the wiser members of the religious community could have seen that something tragic was happening. The price man was paying in discovering the secrets of Nature was to lose himself as a spiritual being.

Truth is found to be a variable commodity dependent on the world-view you hold. Copernicus and his followers quite rightly established that the spinning Earth revolved around the Sun, and that it was a tiny planet in an immense universe. Therefore the significance of man appeared to be 'debunked'. We are an unimportant expression of life in a tiny corner of the universe. But the wiser members of the church fraternity must have looked on with sorrow. The Copernican world-view, true on its own level, was jettisoning the profounder vision of humanity and its destiny. Man, they knew, is a son of God, first in creation. This planet Earth is the setting for a sublime experiment. Nature is a grand design, a wondrous work of art. The human being is the crown of nature, that point where nature becomes self-conscious and can look out into cosmic space and think God's thoughts again. This gem of a planet in all its beauty is the setting for the Divine Experiment in which Man can evolve to the point when thinking can in freedom reunite with Divine Thought.

Then the human being can, in freedom, become a co-creator and friend of God. It is a majestic picture of the purpose of life on this planet in a nature that is a work of art. Not chance natural selection, but a divine design. Seen in this perspective Planet Earth IS indeed the centre of the universe!

All this was thrown away in a world-view that limited truth to the mechanical workings of the material world. It is as if we are taken into the theatre to be shown the workings of lighting, accoustics, seating and setting of the drama, but rather pathetically we say, "but I came here to see Hamlet!" The meaning of the play is forgotten in the thrill of exploring the workings of nature. Inevitably Renaissance thinking led to a heightening of egoism and an intensifying of materialistic thinking. It is interesting to see that Renaissance art is almost entirely religious in its nature. It is as if the spiritual world wished through the artists to make the great affirmation that Man is essentially a spiritual being.

Remember this while you take the plunge ever deeper into the mysteries of matter. Your thinking is going to cut you off completely from the invisible world of spirit. You will lose all knowledge of what you really are. You will in time break through to a new Renaissance when you will rediscover your real nature and your place and destiny in the great divine design. Do not forget! Use your intellect to explore and control. Go through the pride and greed of egoism and desire, but, when you have plumbed the depths, then rediscover your true nature and start the great journey back to God. Your task is exploration into God. You will re-awaken. Your own intellectual science will become the vehicle for rediscovery of the Truth of God and the meaning of the design of which you are a crowning feature. Press forward into this New Renaissance which will lead you on and up into the Aquarian Age!

Such was the message for all time and it holds good for us now.

It is also clearly implied in the opening chapter of Genesis, where God makes all things 'after their kind' – birds, plants, fishes, animals, each 'after their kind'.

And Man – "after His own image; male and female created He them". Then in Chapter 2 it is declared that there were no plants on Earth since it had not yet rained, so a second creation is described.

Clearly that little phrase, 'after their kind', implies the creation of the Archetype, the group-ego of a species, a high angelic being in the spiritual world, before any solid matter had been formed. In all its generation of these archetypal Ideas in their wonderful and rich diversity, together they always made a whole, each differentiated part integrated with all the rest in perfect balance and relationship. A complex spiritual tapestry which, when externalised into primal matter and substance, manifested as Eden Garden.

Here each emergent creature was naturally in harmony with all others. The fruits of the earth were there for the taking. Angelic beings (the Archetypes) moved and wove together in a celestial pattern which was reflected in nature. And Man, the Hu-Man being, male/female, found itself as natural steward of this earthly garden. "Be fruitful, multiply". The plane of the Archetypal Ideas, exalted angelic Beings, is of course still there and can be experienced by those with awakened vision, for the human being can lift and intensify thinking to move up into the realms of high solar frequency which overlight the material plane.

In imagination we can all lift and grasp this primal Oneness, the integration of all life into an inter-related vibrant Whole, held in the Divine Mind. Holism as a world-view implies that in our age the individual can with risen thinking experience again the ever present reality of this integrated realm of the Spiritual Archetypes.

In earlier cultures the priestly caste, the initiates whose consciousness was highly evolved, could be in direct touch with the gods. 'Thinking' in Man was then a blending of mind with Divine Mind. It was a spiritual consciousness achieved by the advanced souls who could enter into the plane of Divine Thought. Lesser mortals, though evolved beyond the animal kingdom, would have experienced a level of consciousness below that of the spiritual thinking open to the initiated priests. They were taught by myths, legends and drama which enshrined the spiritual truths.

We have grasped that each animal species, 'after their kind', is controlled by a group ego, who is an exalted angelic being. Thus the archetypal Being of lion, swallow, bee, bull or eagle controls and directs every member of its species in all it does. This we call 'instinct'. The angelic archetype operates from a higher spiritual plane, invisibly overlighting the world of matter. In Man the individualised ego, as a spiritual droplet of divinity, descends right down into matter. Thus the human being is differentiated from the animal and becomes a creature that can think, decide and act out of itself. Earlier cultures are closer to the spiritual worlds and the manifestation of 'thinking' would have been a blending with Divine consciousness. For this some kind of initiation would have been essential.

Hold to this great thought – that the HUMAN ARCHETYPE is first in creation in the Divine Mind.

Let us make MAN after our own image.
Male and female created he them.

Thus the materialistic conception that man, since he emerges later than the anthropoid apes, is therefore the last in creation, must be rejected. Man, though last to appear in physical form, was there from the beginning as spiritual Archetype. With every incarnation we are each of us approaching nearer to the realisation of this archetype. Imagine what we shall be as artists, thinkers, lovers, healers or athletes when this stage is achieved! The full beauty and power of the realised Archetype was revealed in Jesus the Christ. It was nearly touched in beings like Leonardo or Michelangelo. Facets of its splendour are seen throughout history and in our own time. Here is the goal of evolution standing before each one of us. We fell from Eden Garden, the Innocence of the primal Oneness. In Blake's phrase we pass from Innocence, through Experience and on to Imagination, that condition when we have lifted back and up to the New Jerusalem. This is the note for our epoch at the entry of the Aquarian Age.

I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant land.

Renaissance inspiration spread through Europe. Its flowering in England is best realised in the cycle of the Shakespeare plays, the burst of creativity in music, poetry and architecture and in the towering genius of Francis Bacon. Then in the next century the immense figure of Christopher Wren, in whom the balance of the two hemispheres of the brain is fully achieved. So also in Isaac Newton in whom intellect is perfected as an instrument for exploring nature. Wordsworth, himself a scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge, describes:

The anti-chapel where the statue stands
Of Newton, with his prism and silent face.
The marble index of a mind forever
Voyaging in strange realms of thought, alone.

Newton it appears wrote some two million words on aspects of occultism and when challenged by Boyle for his concern with astrology replied, to dose the conversation – "Sir, I have studied the subject. You have not."

Yet with the 18th Century "Age of Enlightenment", the trend of real materialistic thinking is established which, in the 19th Century, manifests in our present scientific world-view. Hindu mysticism sees this period as the Kali-Yuga or Dark Age when the spirit is wholly lost. It is now to be followed by the emergence of a new Golden Age when the faculties of the two hemispheres of the brain, male and female, will once more be brought into balance and a spiritual world-view crown our scientific knowledge. Indeed intellect, which lost and denied the spirit, will become the chief instrument for its re-discovery.

This must also lead to the emergence of what is virtually a new sub-species of Homo Sapiens. It is a phenomenon of evolution that the step which Thinking takes is to activate the left hemisphere of the brain, the masculine analytical faculties, at the price of the atrophying of the more sensitive feminine faculties of the right hemisphere, which could enter the mystery of the living whole and apprehend the spiritual worlds. We should grasp the conception of Thinking as a Divine Phenomenon taken over by the left brain and used for analysing nature to satisfy the needs, desires and ambitions of Ego.

A word here about EGO. This little word implies the being which can say I AM, a droplet of Divinity, a spiritual entity as immortal as God is, but entering into embodiment as an education and training in the School of Earth. God Himself has declared I AM THAT I AM. The mystery which we have now to understand is that I AM IS GOD, a great being of whom every one of us is a pulse or fragment. Often we hear it said, in particular by Oriental teaching, that the ego has to be destroyed. The viewpoint of Western spiritual thinking sees ego as the indestructible being of man which indeed is to be transmuted and totally surrendered to God and Christ, but cannot be extinguished. It is that in us which can say 'I'. But of course it will be dragged down into egoism, poisoned by desire, polluted by greed, blinded by passion and lust, lured into darkness and delusion. This is the working of those beings who deny the spirit. We call them Ahrimanic, after the Persian Lord of Darkness who does battle with Ahura Mazdao the Lord of Light. Steiner first made dear that there were in reality two aspects of Satan – Lucifer who inflates egoism (Ye shall be as Gods) and Ahriman, the great denier of the Spirit. Faust's Mephistopheles dedares, "Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint"; "I am that spirit who always denies and negates". When ego has surrendered to these beings, it experiences the Fall. In our present culture both impulses are powerfully in action, creating a riot of confusion in our society. Yet we could not maintain our industrial society without Ahriman and his minions. They are at work wherever we see materialism in action – in a medicine that treats the body as merely physical; a psychology which denies the Higher Self; an astronomy which sees the stars merely as lifeless, gaseous bodies; a financial system which treats the making of money and profit as the primary purpose; an agriculture which fails to recognise the life of the Planet Earth and is prepared to exploit nature for profit through chemical processes. Thus Steiner for his centre at the Goetheanum personally carved the 3O feet group of the Christ Being, his raised arm controlling Lucifer in the air above, while below him among the tree roots Ahriman is held in his place. He called it The Representative of humanity.

Our task is to achieve a total transforming of our egoism so that the divine entity, the true ego in each of us, the I AM which makes us Hu-Man, shall dedicate itself, of its own volition, to the service of Christ. Then will come the transformation, for the angelic beings of the light can then flood our earth plane without interfering with human freedom.

This is the goal and purpose – that each human being may claim his or her Christhood, truly volunteering to be used as a channel for the in-flooding of unconditional Love. Here we have touched the great challenge and hope of our benighted age. This knowledge shall be made glorious. Our personal I AM can be taken over by the Cosmic I AM, the Living Christ Power.

Now back to our thoughts about Thinking. The last three centuries have shown the descent into rational materialism in the Western mind. This implies an over-development of the masculine left hemisphere of the brain and, as a direct result, the atrophying or going dormant of the more feminine faculties of sensitivity and intuition in the right brain, which can apprehend the living whole, the totality of Spirit animating all creation.

The natural result of this imbalance is that the spiritual worlds have simply disappeared for us. No longer can we see the elemental beings in nature; no longer apprehend the angel guides and guardians who in fact closely watch over our lives. God himself is thrown into doubt and so agnosticism and atheism are common. Doubt and fear stalk the world.

But we are awakening to another factor of profound significance. Michael, the great archangel who overlights our present epoch, is known as the Fiery Thought-King of the Universe, the Countenance of the Christ, the Wielder of the Sword of Light. He is the Warrior archangel who fights for Christ as He overcomes the world. He therefore is closely watching all our lives, but he may not and will not intervene or take over until we wake up to his reality and call upon him, offering our whole selves as volunteers for his ranks. Thus we have each of our own volition to grasp and understand the reality of his presence and power.

Michael is known as the Lord of the Cosmic Intelligence. It is he who controls that vast ocean of Divine, living Intelligence poured out from the Mind of God. Intellect is a faculty of thought in the human brain. This has been highly developed in modern man. It is our instrument for controlling and exploring nature. It has led us to a state of near catastrophe. As Wordsworth wrote:

Sweet is the lore that Nature brings.
Our meddling intellect
Destroys the beauteous form of things –
We murder to dissect.

Now we are seeing where unbridled egoism using the power of intellect has led humanity. Disaster faces us unless a transformation and a cleansing takes place.

The Michael Mystery reveals another great event. Michael has released the Cosmic Intelligence down into the human kingdom upon Earth. This is in response to the descent of the Cosmic Christ into the life forces of the Earth, so that He is immediately with us, living in our thinking, enlightening our understanding, dwelling in the heart that has lifted ego out of the morass of desire, fear, hate and violence. Yet the Divine Decree has laid it down that there shall be no interference with human freedom by the powers of the Light. Therefore the redemption of humanity and the Earth turns on a sufficient number of human beings of their own volition awakening to the true situation and dedicating thought, heart and will to the redemption of our benighted planet. We must invoke the powers of Christ and Michael and their angelic army. We must in our thinking and with our understanding grasp that the Earth is indeed a living Creature with its own breathing, bloodstream and intelligence and that we are each a facet of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Now grasp the tremendous implications. The pendulum of Time has reached its ultimate point and is now beginning to reverse its swing. We have seen how individualised thinking first awoke among the ancient Greeks and how through 2OOO years and more it has developed as intellect which has increasingly taken control in a masculine way, for power and profit. Now the Michaelic Intelligence floods the Earth Mind, while the unconditional loving of the Cosmic Christ floods the human heart wherever it can lift itself out of fear and doubt.

The Living Christ power is there in the immediate moment, NOW. That is the ever-moving instant when we can always contact the Divine. The satanic forces strive to bind us down to past and future – remorse and regret about past events and deeds, fear of what might happen in time to come. Oh, cut it out!

Be a channel for the cosmic Intelligence of Michael and the unconditional Love of the Christ. This is the human deed for our time.

O my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears
Today of past regrets and future fears.

(Omar Khayyam)

The reversal of the swing of the cosmic pendulum is not our decision. It is a phenomenon in which we mortals are victim or, by our own choice, instrument. It is the great event. The tide (to use another metaphor) has turned. We, flotsam and jetsam, are lifted with it. Again our choice is whether we are to be drowned by the rising flood or ride the crest of the Wave. We are each and all involved in this event.

Having reached an extreme point of intellect devoid of spiritual vision and bound to physical brain, our consciousness receives the rising power of the Cosmic Intelligence. Each human monad or module is given the chance to awaken to the experience that it is a tiny but real vortex of living, spinning energy, poised like the gyroscope or top, and still, so long as the life-energy is active. If that is withdrawn the top wobbles and falls. If maintained the vortex point interacts with the entire field.

Nothing now can stop the swing towards the coming Light and Love. But we are always free to reject it. The field of high frequency vibration penetrates all living things, bringing peace or conflict according to how the entity is attuned.

In this light-field no negative energy can survive. Violence, hate, self-seeking, greed, fear will perforce be expelled, unable to remain on the finer plane of fire, light and love. Yet free will has been given by Divine Decree to every human entity. Those who out of their own chosen impulse have achieved metamorphosis of soul, have rejected egoism, fear and remorse and accepted ego, the I AM, as the Divine Attribute, will lift into a knowledge that each is one with the marvellous Whole, that God is everywhere, the Life and Essence within each created thing. The marvel begins – that the human entity, active and creative, knows itself as a droplet which is One with the rising tide of Spirit, the Cosmic Ocean.

A great cleansing of the Planet is upon us. Nothing now can stop it. "Operation Redemption" has begun. Those who turn to the Cosmic Intelligence of Michael, who accept the unconditional Love which is the Risen Christ, would enter a field of high vibration which would give absolute protection against dark attack. That which is given over to the lower vibration of violence and separation, simply could not live in that high-frequency field. But Mind in each of us has free choice. Learn to maintain the high frequency, Love-light vibration and we are surrounded by an invisible field of force through which nothing negative can pass. But the moment doubt or fear are allowed in, the protective wall is shattered – (like Jericho at the sounding of the trumpets!).

So the task and the wonder is given to each. Within humanity on Earth arises a new force composed of all those souls which have accepted the Risen Thinking, the Cosmic Intelligence of Michael, to transmute the brain-bound intellect where Ahriman is so active. Humanity is being born into its Divine nature, but only those entities who have consciously and freely chosen can sustain the force-field of light. Entry into this condition is, as has been said again and again, only in the NOW moment outside the time scale of past and future. Now the I AM can operate. The I AM kingdom is being formed out of all souls who acknowledge their Oneness with the Holy Whole of God. Dedicated initiative and Good Will freely given is the passport. The impregnable castle walls will shatter if doubt and fear are allowed.

But those who learn to remain on beam in the sustained meditation or attunement which can be maintained throughout the waking day, will know by direct experience that they are God's children. They will be guided through times of change with inner certainty. They know that the Higher Self will receive them in the name and power of Christ.

Let us close this book with quotations from inspired and exalted souls who lead into the New Renaissance.

On! I have guessed the end; the end is fair,
Not with these weak limbs is thy last race run;
Not all thy vision sets with this low sun;
Not all thy spirit swoons with this despair.
Look how thine own soul, throned where all is well
Smiles to regard thy days disconsolate;
Yea, since herself she wove the worldly spell

Doomed thee for lofty gain to low estate:
Sown with thy fall a seed of glory fell;
Thy heaven is in thee and thy will thy fate.
Inward! aye deeper far than love or scorn
Deeper than bloom of virtue, stain of sin,
Rend thou the veil and pass alone within,
Stand naked there and feel thyself forlorn.

Nay, in what world then, Spirit, wast thou born?
Or to what World-Soul art thou entered in?
Feel the self fade, feel the great life begin
With Love re-rising in the cosmic morn.
The inward ardour yearns to the inmost goal;
The endless goal is one with the endless way;
From every gulf the tides of Being roll,
From every Zenith burns the indwelling day;
And life in Life hath drowned thee, soul in Soul
And these are God, and thou thyself art they.

(F.W. Myers)

The human heart can go the lengths of God
Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now
The frozen misery of centuries cracks, breaks, begins to move
The thunder is the thunder of the flows,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart spring.
Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul men ever took.
Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise is exploration into God...

(Christopher Fry)


If you become Christ's man
You will stumble onto
Wonder after wonder
And every wonder true

(Carved on the Durham tomb of St Brendan of Clonfert, the Explorer, d. 577)

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