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Exploration into God
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1991 by Gateway Books, Bath
This book is out-of-print, now available only on this website
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Part five:

Towards a Chain Reaction
Fire Over the Earth
Dynamic Ease
Batter my Heart
Twin Souls and the Binary Relationship
Through the Sacred Site into the Creative Plane

Towards a Chain Reaction

I AM A POINT of spirit in a world of Spirit.

I am a thought in an ocean of Thought, a strand of loving energy in a sea of love divine.

And thus I stand.

What I think, I AM. If I think thoughts of illness, fear, poverty, I shall draw these qualities of being onto myself. If I think accident I become accident prone. If I think disease, I shall attract illness. Inevitably, what you fear you tend to become. These forces of negativity are beings and they respond when called. Since the human being is designed as a structure for embodying the spirit and has been given free choice, he can build into himself the tendencies he chooses. This seems inevitable. "Ask and ye shall receive." It all turns on what you choose to ask. It is your choice. If you think courage and joy, these qualities will be drawn to you.

God is the Life in everything, everywhere.

The amazing thought is therefore that the Creator, the I AM, the Source, is immediately present everywhere all the time. I however, have to take the initiative to make contact and open to this universal power and being. It's no use my simply telling an electric light to go on. I have to take the initiative and switch on. Then light and power instantly flow from the great source.

It should dearly be possible to keep in touch and switched on to God all the time. It is called the Practice of the Presence of God. The mystics and holy ones have achieved it and we are all free to follow. This is the major task for a human being, the purpose of our incarnation – to attune consciously to the flow of God power. It may take a lifetime to achieve the step. No matter. We have the whole of eternity to work this one out. It is for this that we incarnated on Earth.

Now, meditate on the living Earth. See her turning in space, a living, thinking, sensitive creature. See the film of life around her, those myriad points of divine humanity, those sparks of God-fire housed in the temple structure we call a body. See how so many are filled with fear and anger and violent emotion, and see the result that the delicate web of life in nature is being rent and torn, and is withering and dying. Try to conceive and feel the vast sea of pain pouring forth from this suffering planet.

Then conceive THE EVENT. Use Imagination. An impulse flows through human consciousness. One God-droplet after another pauses, ceases to react to fear, hate and violence, and instead calls on God and his Angels of Light. What happens? Instantly that tiny centre begins to glow luminous. This is infectious and begins to spread. If disease is infectious, why not the positive 'Ease' – the joy, love, courage syndrome. Here surely is the most superb example of Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenic field in action. Do it first in imagination. Let us all look down upon the turning, stricken planet and see the lighting-up begin. It leaps from point to point. The whole surrounding cloud of consciousness becomes luminous and glows. The impetus, tentative at first and starting from separated pin points of light consciousness, coheres into an ever widening field.

Where there is light, the darkness is driven back. The stronger the light the darker the shadows: the shadows represent powers of evil and negativity, hate and fear, despair and greed, and all the terrible emotions. These beings of evil (for such they are) have no compunction about direct attack to take possession of human beings. Yet we know that Light and Love, which work for human freedom, will not take over until invoked. They are infinitely stronger when given free entry into the human soul.

Thus look again at our planet. The moment is approaching when a sufficient number of human units will have opened themselves to the light for a chain reaction to begin. Conceive this event. Our infectious 'ease' leaps from one to the next. And the moment approaches when the Earth will burst into flame – the flame of Love, the fire of Michael, the glory of God.

This is an absolute possibility. This is our deed today. We are told that if fifty million people will simultaneously think and pray Peace for an hour in meditative stillness, then it will suffice to start such a chain reaction, such 'morphogenic resonance'. We all recognize that we approach the threshold of entry to the Aquarian Age. A cleansing of the planet must take place. Let us be on this particular band wagon!
Choose to be part of the flooding of the Light and Fire of the Christ. This is the key point we must see – that, since we are given freedom, the beings of Light will not take over the human soul unless invoked. The initative is ours. They must remain silent till we call on them, dedicate our lives, submit to the inflow of the light and power of Him whose service is perfect freedom. This is the deed we are called on to do today.

Fire over the Earth

I DRAW AROUND MYSELF the cloak of light, the cloud of light penetrating every cell and fibre of my body. I am lightness. I leave the physical body on the marble seat, and I float out.

I lift in buoyancy and expansion out beyond the tree into its magnetic field, expanding upward, out beyond the atmosphere of the Earth. I am out in orbit, I am in direct touch with my bodily self as the astronaut is in touch with base. Instant oscillation between base and expanded self.

Around me I strengthen the luminous cloud. I am the focal point of light within this protective cloud. Nothing of the dark can remain within the cloud. It is rejected and repelled. Nothing of the negative can enter. It is diverted. Great stillness and serenity fill me. Other beings are drawn in who are attuned. For them there is attraction. That lighted cloud rises as angelic entities, freed souls of love and light, enter and blend.

Our thinking can carry and bear spiritual beings. We are one. What I feel to be my thinking expands to take into itself the thinking of kindred beings. I totally surrender lower self to become one with a greater, living light-filled Self. The cloud is spinning, sounding, like one of those musical tops. I look down upon the turning Earth. I look out at the galaxy, our luminous spinning cloud is a tiny star, a focal point of light-filled being.

I look at Spaceship Earth carrying its cargo of life. But it is dark. Our star is a spaceship. What is a spaceship other than a focal point of intense light into which weightless souls and spirits can be drawn, allowed in if they are attuned, repelled if they are not attuned. The passport for entry is the light in the brow of the soul which has rejected anger, hate, criticism, cynicism, egoism. The cloud expands and strengthens. It is a matrix attracting and drawing in those who have achieved sacred sympathy.

Entry implies that those negative qualities are burnt out. The incandescent light is intolerable to them. They are instantly consumed as by fire. For those souls drawn in, this is a kind of birth. Around the darkened Earth are appearing many focal points of light, little stars. How like the concept of a fleet of spaceships, hovering, forming, capable of expanding and lifting simply by the direction of thought. Exalted thought beings descend, to enter and command the fleet. We who have risen, freed from lower self, accepting the birth into tranquillity, serenity, tolerance, gratitude, joy, inability to hurt, have entry and experience ourselves as part of a greater Self.

Our thinking blends with the higher thinking. If we revert to the ego qualities of criticism, fear, guilt, the time-ridden anxieties, we are thrown out, with the result that instantly the fleet of these star ships disappears from our vision. We would then simply fall back through empty space to the dark physical Earth. But check that fall, lift again, to the frequency at which the ships reappear, giving us entry once more. We see that all the stars are truly focal points of being. Each is a kingdom of beings, visible only to the risen thinking, the living, loving, light-filled thinking.

Humankind is awakening. A birth is taking place. We rediscover the polarity of the matter-bound, sense-bound, death-bound self and the lifted, light-filled, living Self, the greater Self, of which we are truly a cell. This imagination gives us the purpose of man and evolution. We reach the threshold when we can abandon the sleep and nightmare of egoism and float out into the living star. Transmute lower ego. By sacred sympathy make the whole one Self, far diffused as imagination can carry. The only terms are that we reject the qualities of criticism, cynicism, anger, guilt, hate, fear. This is perhaps the meaning of the statement that souls attuned to God and Christ will be lifted out into the spaceships, when real crisis comes.

There are two forms of fire. Look down upon the Earth. There could be the searing explosion of fire consuming life on Earth. There could be that spiritual fire, the burning out, cauterising all that is of the devil of darkness, fear and hate. Look down and look ahead to this lifted consciousness. We can see the dark earth surrounded by innumerable star ships, kindred focal points of light and love, forming into a greater whole, supporting each other, receiving from the heights angelic power that drives out all that is negative and of the soul darkness.

This forms into the fair luminous cloud enveloping the Earth. Our thinking merges with the thinking of greater beings. The gods look down upon the earth and wait their time. This huge fleet of light points forming a great surrounding envelope of light is, of course, quite invisible to physical eyes. The eye of the imagination becomes one with it and can envelop the entire earth. Though this whole picture would disperse immediately when the consciousness reverts to sense-bound thinking, nevertheless it is a far greater strength and durability. This great plane of surrounding light is outside time and physical space. It is the living, unitary being of humanity, a God-being awakened.

The whole purpose of life on Earth is to reach this point of birth and awakening. We are being born into life, and this stupendous realm of spiritual light and life could close in upon the planet. Let that happen. Look forward and see it happen. The whole physical world becomes luminous, a rapid burning out of all soul particles of the evil world, indeed, the counterpart of the atomic nuclear explosion upon Earth. In one instant the Earth could burst into nuclear horror of general explosion. At the same instant, the fire of this stellar world of the living Christ could take over, a force which we have seen repels and throws out all of soul darkness, time-ridden hate and fear. Explosion and counter explosion, a resurrection fire.

Teilhard de Chardin wrote in his "Mass on the World":

It is done. Once again Fire had penetrated the earth... The flame has lit up the whole world from within. All things individually and collectively are penetrated and flooded by it, from the inmost core of the tiniest atom to the mighty sweep of the most universal laws of being, so naturally has it flooded every element, every energy, every connecting link in the unity of our cosmos, that one might suppose the cosmos to have burst spontaneously into flame.

In the new humanity which is begotten today, the Word prolongs the unending act of his own birth and by virtue of his immersion on the world's womb, the great waters of the kingdom of matter have been endued with life.

What we have seen is the great truth of the coming cleansing of the planet. Let us commit ourselves totally, and in joy, to this great transition and the birth of a new humanity. So be it.

Dynamic Ease

KNOW THIS. Space is filled with an endless ocean of Living Energy. Visible forms and bodies of any sort are coagulations of this energy. The human body is a point through which this energy can be focalized and operative.

Consciousness can direct and handle this. Know also that on the spiritual level you are attuned instantly to the beings to whom you direct attention and thought. Thus your angel guide or your friend out of the body are immediately present when you hold them in mind. Indeed mind blends with mind, a beautiful (or terrible) process. Our great discovery and realisation is that the higher world speaks to us within our own thinking. It is not 'out there' but 'in here'. "There is one mind, one omnipresent mind omnific. His most holy name is Love." We are "parts and proportions of one wondrous Whole" (Coleridge). What a responsibility this sets on us! And what an opportunity! This is the meaning of the affirmation "I am with you always, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet". What can be closer than breathing other than THINKING?

But now, go further. All life is BEING.

The Living Ideas are truly beings, strands in the vast ocean of the Thought of God outpoured. These are the angels, being of Divine Thought, so alive and operative that they can, at will, take to themselves sheaths enabling them to move into and through planetary densities. Thus beings of exalted light can live on Venus in robes of flame. If we ask "Is there life on Venus", we reply No, because it is too hot. But we are asking the wrong question. We are really asking, "Could this body of mine live on Venus?" Of course it could not. But this does not mean that there is no life on that fiery planet. Its denizens must be so highly evolved on soul and spirit levels that they can take to themselves a body of flame, which you and I could not (yet) do.

Now, all moods, all thoughts, are aspects of this Ocean of Life. Therefore whatever attitude you take, you will draw into yourself corresponding beings. Thus if you choose to think fear and discouragement, anger and criticism, poverty and lack, illness and weakness, lust and greed, dislike and repugnance, these qualities and moods will be drawn into your soul. Blending of minds and moods is the basic manner in which the Living Whole, in its intricate interweaving, works and manifests. Thus you, human being, having freedom to choose your thoughts, are truly a responsible and creative focal point in which, by your own free choice, trends of despair, discouragement, distaste and fear can be actively developed and sent out to add to the darkness in the tapestry of life. If you choose to cut out the negative thoughts and attitudes and to affirm courage, hope, love and joy, you will blend with the corresponding beings and the living, ever changing tapestry will show a spreading point and glowing area of light.

Blending of beings in mind seems to be an absolutely basic principle, and the human being has been given the power of free choice. So, for goodness sake choose light and love, lightness and liberality. How lovely are the messengers that teach us the Gospel of Peace! We must watch our thinking and reacting, for it is a creative deed. Because the world is now so dark, dangerous and desperate, we may choose to join the crusade of the Light Bearers. This is not merely an affirmation. It is a recognition of a basic Law of Life. You are what you think. You draw to yourself and into yourself and soul the beings who make up the quality you choose to affirm. So for goodness sake cease affirming fear, doubt, and discouragement and ill health. Choose to affirm light, tolerance, tranquillity, prosperity, love and health. This is an active deed. This attitude is infectious and can spread. Choose not to spread the disease of dark moods, but be instrumental in permeating the world with infectious ease. This is to be truly human. Look around you and see that, in all the grim scenario of a modern crumbling society, this active vision of hope and Oneness is spreading. Help it to take hold, like a forest fire, and burn out the dross of dark emotion.

For I reckon that the sufferings we now endure bear no comparison with the splendour, as yet unrevealed, which is in store for us. For the created Universe waits with eager expectation for God's sons to be revealed.
(Romans 8)

Batter my Heart to Christ, our Lord

I THROW AWAY the fortress defences of the self. You can then flood the heart. Intelligence can pour into the thinking. Live this day with me. Drive the evil spirits out of the temple. Drive the money changers out. Drive out all that is fearful, all the guilt. All that is gone. Everything leads up to this point when you, Christ, Master, enter and take over. I give You heart and mind and limb. I will live in this NOW with Your Joy. Guide all my contact with those loving friends who come today and tomorrow.

In place of the fortress defences, build the force-field of light. Let music, movement, light enter this sphere. Let that interior music sound. Your force-field around my aura is total protection. Every evil is thereby dispersed, for how can the evil live within Your light? If it should enter, it would be dissolved. Start from NOW, start from here. Start from me. And let this heart love innumerable others, so that the love of You pours through human hearts. Christ in me. Oh God, Oh Christ, and all my friends around. I need never be lonely again. For You are here. You have given us your word that when we call on You, You are present. Of course You are present, because You are Life everywhere. Therefore, the only barrier is what I have built in self-defence; defence of the little self, so that it may go on with its fear and guilt.

On this day I wash out guilt, remorse, regret, fear and ambition. It is for this that this incarnation was given. It is under God's guidance that my life path has been what it has been. The purpose of this incarnation is to surrender absolutely to the power of Christ. This I do. Genesis, be witness, for you are with me here.

I now destroy all self-protective defences and barriers, bastions and battlements. I let you and the force of love and joy take possession in the NOW. There is nothing but NOW, filled with Your love, ever floating, ever moving. You have made, (and we as part of You have evolved), this extraordinary body. I, the real I, am a spiritual being, a star being, a light being. I and my fellows have incarnated, and through this wonderful bodily mechanism can look out and see. We are angelic beings looking at the beauty of Nature as a work of art, looking at it from within. If we lose the organ of sight or hearing, we go blind and deaf. We the angelic beings are looking out through a human eye.

As I can blend in consciousness with Genesis, I am giving them the opportunity of looking out from within nature to see the beauty of form, and when I am freed from the body, I shall be directly in touch with the archetypal Ideas which shaped the beauties of nature. My normal seeing cannot apprehend these Ideas, so long as it is sense-bound. But just as the angelic world can enter and see the beauty of nature from within through my eyes, so can I unite with it and, with the eye of the mind, see the creative life and light of this world of idea.

Thus the bridge in experience is achieved. I learn to look with love and perception at every form, to allow the Being within that form to rebound back to me into my heart, that I may go forth with love, through the eye of the mind, to see the Christ within each form. This is the glory. This is the Great Work. It is for this that we came.

I wish to activate the all-seeing Eye of the Mind. Help me. I call on Christ and Genesis to open the All seeing eye that I may apprehend the Being within all form.

Here I quote John Donne's great sonnet:

Batter my heart, three person'd God; for, you
As yet but knocke, breathe, shine, and seeke to mend
That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow mee, 'and bend
Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new.
I, like an usurpt towne, to 'another due,
Labour to 'admit you, but Oh, to no end,
Reason your viceroy in mee, mee should defend,
But is captiv'd, and proves weake or untrue.
Yet dearely'I love you, 'and would be loved faine,
But am betroth'd unto your enemie:
Divorce mee, 'untie, or breake that knot againe,
Take mee to you, imprison mee, for I
Except you'enthrall mee, never shall be free,
Nor ever chast, except you ravish mee.

Twin-souls and the Binary Relationship

WE ARE GETTING USED to the concept that God lives in everything, wherever Life is apprehended, for HE IS LIFE. The angelic world, itself an aspect of the Living Whole, can blend with the human soul and speaks through it. Your friend out of the body can do the same. We are accepting that this is a bridging between the lower plane of matter and the higher world of spirit into which you are released back at so-called 'death'. Thus what you see, speak, think and feel, could be pure spirit blended with your mortal sense. Of course our bodily make-up will drastically condition the expression of higher being. No matter. We may accept the wonder that this blending is taking place within our thinking and living.

Now I shall attempt to speak about the strangest and most beautiful conception – that of the soul-mate, the twin soul, the binary concept. This is age-old. Plato speaks of it in the "Symposium". Often enough we hear it mentioned. There is a deep longing and hope that we may sometime find our soul-counterpart, and some, with joy, may appear to have achieved it. But we are speaking about something far more than a great love-match or happy marriage. These have of course happened frequently in life, legend and literature. The binary concept is something of vital significance for our present age, when it appears to be re-emerging. It implies that when souls were first formed in ages past, the Divine Plan decreed they should be bi-fold, male and female in one. Then this primal unity divided and the separated units were launched on their long voyage through time, ever with a deeply implanted desire and longing to find their counterpart or twin and re-unite. That would be the real home-coming.

The binary condition takes on a notably deeper and truer aspect through our spiritual world-view, and thus has only really emerged and begun to be established for our thinking and conceiving in this century. It should be clear that if we lived only one life on Earth there would be little point in talking about soul-twins uniting. We need an immensely wider vision and viewpoint to give the conception its real meaning.
We are now conceiving that the 'I' in us, the incarnating soul and spirit entity, is an immortal being, returning to the school of Earth again and again to learn the lessons that each historical age can teach. If this be so, then we have the whole of eternity for the endless journey in spiritual and physical evolution.

Thus we may accept the binary viewpoint with much more confidence. Somewhere in the whole surge of life and being is an immortal droplet who is truly the complement to our own soul and it is seeking us through all our incarnations. If it could find us and consciously merge again into a oneness as we were in the primeval beginnings, then what joy and wonder it would be!

The questing magnetism of separated love re-uniting could be seen to be underlying much in the human story. Each twin will for ever be unconsciously seeking, and their longing search for re-uniting will at times be expressed in love relationships which, though great and beautiful, still do not necessarily imply the actual blending of binary souls.

Now it appears that, in our age, this eternal quest and its achievement and meaning is attaining an enhanced consciousness. Soul twins are actually finding each other. Those who achieve this age-long goal of blending into soul-unity, begin to recognize others who have done the same and to relate in what may well grow into a "binary movement". It could then prove to be a very vital aspect of the emergence of a new humanity, of which we have spoken in another chapter.

It should be recognized that the binary relationship, as a conscious phenomenon, is relatively new and is entirely significant as we pass the threshold into the Aquarian Age. Experience is showing that, when the step is achieved, it tends to bring a new certainty, joy and width of vision. This should obviously be so. Since we accept the possibility for soul and spirit blending, then we must recognize that our friend who has passed on, or our Higher Self, or even the Christ or Michael, or the God-source itself can speak in our own thinking. This truth and experience is of absolute importance. It is indeed the great turn-about in the centre of our consciousness. It implies a great step forward in taking personal responsibility as potential co-creators with God in freedom. Such is the ultimate purpose of our earthly incarnation.

The society we shall enter on the ethereal plane after we have left the body will be made up of relationships in blended thinking, for we shall then really be vortices of living vital energy, as beings of love and thought and will. We shall learn to lift and expand into the ocean of living intelligence and thereby take the vision and wisdom of the angels into our own consciousness, so far as we are able. How wonderful therefore if our soul-counterpart could re-unite with us now, balancing male and female and enriching our personality and comprehension. I stress again that this is not merely a case of close love-relationship, which may prove transitory. The idea implies a true blending and uniting of the two aspects of the original Soul Being, achieved consciously in our time after ages of unconscious search through many lives. Such understanding, be it repeated, could not have been fully understood before our present widening of spiritual vision and our accepting of a world-view recognizing the immortality of the soul and its repeated re-embodiment.

With the emerging of the spiritual world-view in our time the twinning of souls can become a factor of high significance in
human experience, enriching understanding and width of sympathy. It is obviously different from marriage. Once the binary relationship is re-established the new person will be free to make richer relationships in friendship, love and marriage. But we must recognize that the achieving of the twinned relationship is once and for all time.

This phenomenon clearly has its important place in the emergence of a new humanity. And it establishes a condition which can receive the in-flooding of the Christ Love now enlightening the Planet.

In that remarkable gnostic Gospel of St Thomas, Jesus is recorded as saying:

Logia 22
When you make the two one and when you make the inner world as the outer, and the outer as the Inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not any more be a male and the female a female, when you put a single eye in the place of the many and a single hand in the place of hands and a single image in the place of all images, then you shall enter the Kingdom.

And again:

Logia 30
Wherever the two are one, I AM with them.

And in Genesis:

And God said, Let us make Man after our own image... Male and female created He them.
(Gen. 1.26)

When I wrote my first two books of this Trilogy, A Vision of the Aquarian Age and Operation Redemption, I was avowedly interpreting a world-view and discussing ideas held by others. This third of the Trilogy has perforce to be something different. It must, as its title implies, be a record of personal exploration and experience. Perhaps this validates the title, for surely we are all, in different degrees of intensity, on the same Quest.

It is of course essential that we are very reticent about our own spiritual experiences. To speak about them may dilute and weaken their power. I must however state that I have personally experienced what I am now writing about in this chapter, and am prepared to affirm that my own twin-soul has descended from the ethereal plane and merged within my own heart. It matters not if others should treat such a remark as mere sentiment or wishful thinking. I know it to be a true and genuine experience, as of a being suddenly plummetting down and filling the heart with an overwhelming joy, love and energy. I foresee that many in our time will begin really to have such an experience themselves. Indeed it carries conviction! This fusing of soul-twins in heart and mind will be achieved where the deep and ageless bond is real and the two partners have attained to adequate experience.

Frequently (as in my own experience) one of the partners will have left the body through so-called 'death', perhaps through tragic circumstances. This, if real love has been established, will of course create the necessary and profound urge to re-unite, for such soul-fusing could not possibly take place without the furnace of deep love and suffering. This however will often be transformed into joy and total acceptance and a recognition that the events, appearing tragic and desperate, were in fact planned by our spiritual guides.

I need say no more about the personal experience now thirty years in the past, but ever present. This proves to be a central aspect of exploration into God. Our angelic guides and higher self do indeed stage situations for our life education!

Here is a poem which may speak to some of my readers. It is Anonymous.

It is eight weeks, beloved, since you died
You left the stiffening, inert lump of clay
That was no longer you,
And cried aloud in ecstasy
And suddenly I knew
That all that we believed in
Lived for, told the world
Had at its smallest count
Some measure that was true.

It is eight months, beloved, since you died,
And out of my aloneness I have woven strength
To build anew;
For all there was of truth in our relationship
Had eddied, grown, intensified
Till with a clarion call it sounds at the far reaches of the world –
There is no death, no separation of the ways
If man to love prove true.

It is eight years, beloved, since you died
And for eternity a part of you
Is in its essence me.
I know you are, and in that certainty
Is woven all the fabric of my life.
Gone is all sense of urgency and haste;
For all time now our spirits meet in time.
Loving, we are no longer bound by love;
Heart of my heart, we've set each other free.

It is obviously very important that the binary experience is not confused with 'possession' in the negative sense, nor is it just to be identified with wishful thinking about a much-loved friend, or one-time partner in love or marriage. This is a field calling for careful exploration and case study. It is only now beginning to be recognized as a highly significant phenomenon. The initial group that has come together to share this experience is still small. Yet when it grows it could become a spearhead for a veritable new renaissance, for it should release a new and vital creativity, enhanced human capacity and fuller power of love and devotion. And, be it re-emphasised, it will enhance rather than inhibit or limit the power to love others. In this field there will be no jealousy and indeed many will go through life without others having any clue to the inner change and enrichment that has taken place. This, however, is likely to bring about a new courage, warmth, deep joy, tolerance, laughter, tranquillity, inner content and acceptance, with wider vision and sympathy. Irritation, that bane of a hurried and worried world, may be transformed into serenity. And, further, it will remove all fear of death, for we may hope, ardently, for the moment of full conscious re-union.

Finally, let us re-affirm that, since Christ is Love, we shall be creating in the heart centre a vehicle for His entry. This is the 'possession' we want! Since He is above and beyond the negative emotions, we may expect, with this Renaissance, a wave of sustained love for all life.

When two complements have become united, with one on the Higher Plane, he/she will bring an enriching of vision and capacity. Life together will become a heightened adventure, for the two have become fully united, while still maintaining identity. It is a love-sacrifice which enables the ever-present Christ-power to operate in the material world.

In this sense it is a home-coming. We have arrived. Heart is filled. There will be a gentling and a relief. We now know with absolute certainty that when we, the body-bound partner, are released, we shall merge in Light and be received on to the higher planes, fulfilled in love.

My true love hath my heart and I have his
By just exchange the one for the other given.
My heart in his and mine he cannot miss
There never was a better bargain driven.

Through the Sacred Site into the Creative Plane

AND I WENT FORTH into the night and found myself in a wild moorland. When dawn light came I followed a stream among rocks and heather and birch trees and a few Scots pine.

There was the spring and around it great blocks of worked stone, some still standing like monoliths. Clearly the place had been a stone circle and some sort of temple. A holy site and I could feel I had been led here mysteriously. But clearly my embodied self, using lower senses, could not see what had once been there.

So I left my body sleeping, like as one dead, and lightly I moved to the spring. But still I had in me the emotions and fears and sorrows of the lower self. These precluded my 'seeing'. So I made a ritual sacrifice of them and burnt them out on a little altar and scattered the ashes out on the dawn breeze. What was left was a little nugget of gold.

Now I began to see the subtle forms of that which was here before. There were great trees, a glade or grove. Their ethereal forms still stood where once they had grown. My subtle body could become one with their great trunks, their roots gripping down into the rock to stand hard against the storm, their branches lifting up in sublime gesture into the realm of levity, their green fronds bursting and reaching on to a yet higher plane and ever subtler vibration.

Then I saw plants and flowers and experienced the life of 'green', the image of Life, which could live in my soul. Then the stone circle stood perfected, protecting the sacred spring. That spring still flowed with crystal water as it had done through all ages. Now! was seeing it as it had been when this was a temple site. My vision was opened to the structures and the natural forms as once they had stood. I could see how the worn rocks and mounds were what was left of the ancient holy place.

I took my nugget, as a charm or amulet, and I moved into the colour, the archetypal green of life within the grass and fronds. My life united with that ocean of Life. And I could go into the colour that glowed in the form of the flowers, red into orange into yellow – the green of life, fading and lifting into blue and widening through the indigo darkness and into the delicate and holy violet. These colours filled my being which took them and blended them in the structure of Life, and I knew how the Life of Colour had expressed itself into the exquisite forms of the flowers. Beyond the violet I was touched by the tip of a cone of Light, golden light shot through with silver which came down and first touched the crown of my head, penetrating down till the whole body was bathed in effulgent light. I was within the cone which extended upwards indefinitely and was moving down to blend with the pyramid of darkness and mystery of the material world.

So now I moved through on to a higher plane of creative, archetypal activity. I was out on to this wide and wonderful area. Here were at work the archetypal Ideas which from the mind of God were the architects of the forms of nature, "the permanent realities of all Things visible in the vegetable glass of nature" (Blake). They were Being. They were Idea. They flowed freely into form and dissolved again. Here was great continuous and joyful artistic activity. And craft, the original craft of life and light malleable to thought. Here the angelic beings played with shaping glorious forms of light and dissolving them again. And I saw how when an idea was perfected, it could be passed on down into the Earth plane, to be manifested in solid matter. So those ethereal colours could be caught up into flower forms, trees or flashing birds, forests, buildings, mountains, glittering peaks and tiny delicate objects and animals with shining eyes.

Here was the archetype of true adult education. This plane is what we imitated in all we tried at Attingham College. Here was the archetype of our Creative Leisure Summer Schools. Painting, sculpture, metalwork, weaving and all the crafts. And music, shaping with sound to touch the soul: and poetry to use the word to express yet higher ideas and realms of vision. Acting to portray the human being as he/she passes through the vale of embodiment, lost at times, full of doubt and fear, but lifting again to touch the realm of God's Joy.

This plane of the archetypes is a reality. Here too is the Golden City, El Dorado. Move up into it. You will be accepted as a citizen, for you are blended with the golden light and the soul you show is cleansed from the dross of karma.

So you wear the seamless robe of light and are worthy to walk up the golden steps to the Square where stands the University. Adult Education – this was the great vision which fired Attingham, that great house used as a cultural centre for all.

And this eternal plane is there for the one who has cast off the "fears and sorrows that beset the soul". This is an endless plane of creativity, where all the arts blend in glorifying the creative urge, the source of all joy and wonder, the love which is the forging of a Oneness which penetrates down into the plane of matter. This golden light revivifies. It is Life, active, conscious of divine, and we human beings are the instruments for channelling it. And we break through now into that realm of gold.

Shed all. Let all go. Give over to God and walk into the creative light. Let the unicorn come out to you and touch you with its horn. You are qualifying to enter the University – Universus. Those who experience this breakthrough can bring it back with them to darkened Earth. Here is the Diadem, the Elixir. This plane is there and the sacred sites were all ritual gateways to it, for those souls which would sacrifice ego and achieve the One Thing, the One Desire to reunite with Whole ness, with God and the Divine that is within all things. So great is this goal that we may sacrifice all that bounds and bonds us to matter and personality. Here is the task of the adult education of the coming time, when we shall build a new heaven and a new Earth and the darkness and cruelty shall be burned away and washed away.

The gateway is through every sacred spot. And every spot is sacred. So, Go to! Our field of action is adult education and the Whole of Eternity is ours!

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