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Exploration into God
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1991 by Gateway Books, Bath
This book is out-of-print, now available only on this website
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Close encounters

Part four:
Adventures in Imagination and Channelling

The Escape
The Voyage in the Little Boat
UFO Experience
The Validity of Channelling
Coming Home
I Want One Thing
The Crystal Sphere – Your Original Face
Green Man Experience
Sacred Sympathy
Affirmations and the Life-Energy

The Escape

HOW OFTEN warfare gives images that speak to us. We are like a resistance movement in enemy occupied country. Our task is to create centres and groups linked in a network. We can use significant points in the countryside suitable for landing from the air. The coming invasion has been announced. The time is imminent. We have to be in position to signal up to the invading force.

Another image – we are prisoners in a concentration camp. We have descended into the world of matter, captured there and cut off from all contact with our original home and sphere of activity. Many have come to feel that there is no other plane but that of matter and that it is the primary reality. Now continuous signals are coming through to us that such a world of light does indeed exist and that we can escape and find our way back to it.

Now, the prison camp is the time-and-matter-bound life. We are caught by past and future – regrets, remorse, guilt, disappointment, sense of opportunities missed or bungled in the past. We are filled with fears about the future. The forces of darkness want just that. So long as our thinking is tied down to past and future, they have got us.

The prison door is this immediate NOW. Push it and walk through. But obviously the now is always moving on. It is the point where God's presence is contacted. It is the intersection point of the timeless with time. But the only way to move through it is to abandon self and lower ego, with its ties and desires. These must be jettisoned. You can only travel very light – into lightness. You can't take all the luggage.

Outside and above, the invisible guide is waiting. He can speak in your thinking with the still small voice. He can use your faculty of intuition to suggest to you a course of action into your higher Self. You have in this escape got to rely entirely on this intuition and obey it implicitly. There will be no time for reasoning intellect. Split second decisions will be essential, and your intuition, God-filled, will be your guide.

If we can learn to work with it as it speaks in the heart, we have the Ariadne thread which will lead us safely through the labyrinth.

The presence of God is, axiomatically, everywhere. Every situation is an aspect of the total Oneness. Therefore it follows that the necessary information for the next step is always there. The higher Self obviously has an overview of the general situation and can guide you through the labyrinth, one step at a time. But this implies abandonment of self to Self, throwing yourself on Providence. What an adventure! Indeed, it is The Adventure of our time! The situation in the Prison Camp is so grave, grim and ghastly that it is worth the risk of attempting the escape. Come on! Let's go! Push that door and it swings open.

This is going to involve a sort of reckless gaiety of response, a dancing with destiny moment to moment. The higher self will suggest courses of action which you have never followed before, since you normally revert to old habit patterns and brain tracks. So you are truly acting into the unknown, faced with situations which call for reaction in ways you have never before experienced. But the assurance is that the higher Self, which loves and watches you (and truly IS you, the God in you) is always present. He, IT, will whenever you call put a force-field of light and protective power around you. This, if you can maintain it, will give you complete protection from the guard dogs or the bullets of the guards. It will even make you invisible to them, for it is a sheath of very high solar frequency. Yet to maintain it is not easy. If you revert to the old thought vibration of fear and guilt, the forcefield will disperse. You cannot operate with the two frequencies at the same moment. Every moment of choice offers you different courses of action.

The way through the maze is to choose the course which makes most for wholeness, your own wholeness and your conscious relation to the greater Oneness of Life. You must be prepared to follow that course whatever it asks of you. By no means will it always be what your ego thinks it likes, but you are not now concerned with satisfying desire or personal pleasure. You are on the adventure of escape and return home to the great Oneness to which you really belong. This is so exciting and rewarding that it is worth sacrificing all the old habit patterns and ways of doing things.

You know very well that you have, as a human being, been granted freedom. You are not, like the angels, integrally part of the Will of God. Their joy is simply to serve that Will all the time and to obey it. Yours is consciously to take control of yourself and move creatively with the new. Therefore you will constantly be faced with choices, which in fact are situations staged by your higher self for your trial and training. You are led to the point of choice and then your Guides step back and leave the decision entirely to you. But they are watching. If in freedom you choose the course that makes for wholeness, they can instantly pour energy through you, and you will find you have acted in ways you have never before conceived. If in fact you take the more timid choice and revert to the old habit pattern, they will somehow check and reprove you and stage another opportunity. The free choice is always yours, but you have the assurance of their loving concern and inner guidance. It all turns on the motive. If this genuinely is an effort on your part to serve God and progress towards greater Unity and Love, then the slight mistakes are of little significance.

If the inner motive is still self, its power and pleasure and gain, then you will suffer for it and build up more bad karma to be cleared at some later stage. So get moving on the escape.

The Voyage in the Little Boat

THE SUN SOUL enkindle us with holy fire. In my head live your thinking and bear spiritual beings." Oh wonder, here is the great truth. Here is the gateway. Speak in my thinking. If we are blended, then that which my mind thinks is You and behind you the Christ power.

We are many, yet one. We float in that ocean of living thought. We are operative, yet serving. We can initiate, yet in so doing we enhance the One, the Whole.

Our initiative is obviously vital. I have to make the start. I am at present drifting around in separation, a little bit of life which is following its own desires and fears and sense of guilt or disappointment, or its personal ambition.

Will you note that sense of guilt, an aspect of the senses. There is indeed a sense of collective guilt to which we can open ourselves. We have a sense of sight made by the light, a sense of hearing which forms the receptive ear, a sense of guilt formed by the huge all-pervading sea of guilt, a sense of fear created by the great illusion.

But we are each this spark of divinity, of God. Right; stop in this moment. This Now. There is only one Now. All the rest is the illusion of past or future. Now, flowing into the next Now, a continuous flowing.

Your little boat rocking, bouncing, on the current. Look what you've been doing, you've let the rudder go! You've been simply washed around by currents of doubt, of fear, of disappointment, of remorse, of timidity; you've let yourself be a victim of every flow that hits you. Get up, take hold of the tiller. Right. Begin to control the direction. You are in control in the Now. Your boat is very small, yes, but it is buoyant.

We take the current and now truly flow with it, in control. Take hold of the sheet, shake out the sail and now what happens? the wind comes into the sail.

Not I, not I, but the wind that blows through me.
A fine wind is blowing the new direction of time.
If only I let it bear me, carry me,
If only I am sensitive, subtle, oh! delicate, a winged gift,
If only, most lovely of all I yield myself and am borrowed
By the fine fine wind that takes its course through the chaos of the world.
(from D.H. Lawrence "Song of a Man who has Come Through")

This is the game. The wind of the Spirit is blowing. Look how it is wrecking the boats, driving the ships hither and thither. Look how some of them have taken over and have crews that control the sails and the tillers. Some are going purposefully. Some are merely washed around and sinking. You are responsible for your little boat. The wind is the wind of the spirit, the transforming, cleansing power of the living Christ, the Christ of Light, the Christ of Love, the Lord of Life.

Blow, wind of God. Think; in this moment you can choose to cut out negative emotions, can you not? For the moment as you sit, you inhibit instant reaction, all the fretful desires to do this or that. To that you say No and you go into the relaxation of meditation. Then you inhibit thought, by concentrating upon the breathing. By drawing down serenity into your soul, you exclude thoughts of fear, anger, disappointment, alarm, disturbance, anxiety, dislike of others.

For today, for this little voyage, you will simply exclude the negative thoughts which are all concerned with past regrets and future fears. You will strive to live in this moment, in your little boat, controlling sheet and tiller as you cross the lake and move with the current into the greater river.

Will you now grasp the concept of using 'The Perfect Language'? You will cut out from your vocabulary any words or thoughts associated with the negative emotions. Simply refuse to use them, and watch that you use only a vocabulary of courage, sympathy, joy, tenderness, love, hope. Remember that you are the vocabulary you use. As you think, so you are. If you for this day do not speak any negative word or thought, you are well on the way to excluding such thoughts from your mind and soul. Put them aside. Every gust of wind which hits your sail and threatens to drive you off course, you meet by your control of the tiller and sheet, so that you turn it into something which helps you towards your goal. Let the winds blow; you have taken control of sail and rudder and can make use of every wind. You become the thoughts you use and allow. If you never make use of the negative thought you are well on the way to becoming a being of love, and remember that these positive attributes are the Christ Love, Light, Life. But begin by simply cutting out from your vocabulary all the words of negative emotion, bitterness, hate, anger, sarcasm, criticism, scandal and the like.

You open yourself to the inflow, through-flow of the positive qualities. So you will become. If you don't take the initiative, nothing will happen except the uncontrolled drive towards the rocks or sandbanks.

You have taken the tiller, you have held the sheet to control the sail. That which was driving you towards shipwreck now becomes a constructive force through which you advance towards your unknown goal. Claim your Christhood. Christ is the force of love, of non-violence, of compassion and tenderness, the sense of Oneness of all beings in all their diversity, the life, the same life that flows through everything. Claim it. Be it. Let it be You.

Just think what will happen when soul after soul has taken this step. Look how blended souls become groups. larger boats are structured across the ocean of life, a whole fleet begins to sail, little boats, big boats, small groups, great organisations dedicated to the Christ power, serving, controlling the progress forward, using the winds of God for progress. A new Armada, indeed.

Take control, take command, raise the banner of Christ/ Michael to the masthead. Go into action for Him. Look at the earth with the eye of imagination and see the spreading of this consciousness, of this initiative. Where this power of Life, Light, Love is allowed to enter the human layer, that layer begins to glow.

Stand outside the planet and look at it. See the Earth becoming luminous – this murky darkened planet in which storms of sinister emotion, hurricanes of violence, typhoons of terror, are sweeping through the human layer, this dark and dying planet. Look down now with satellite's eye, at the picture of the weather. Do you not have two forces playing into each other? One the low pressure, the negative, the storm forces carrying sleet and snow and hurricanes, destructive and dark weather, and the vortices of high pressure, bringing the sun, the tranquillity, the gentle breezes.

See that each human centre is a tiny vortex which can join together with other vortices and can have free choice. Either make the low atmospheric pressure, or join the high pressure. It is a dynamic process, part of living Earth, for atmospheric change is surely a picture of the breathing of the living earth, drawing into itself sunlight or rain. Thus we are looking at a psychic atmosphere of the earth, in which the human being, each one of us, is a factor. Decide to take part in the coming of the high pressure.

Open to the glory of sunlight and fair weather. As the warm front advances, the Earth becomes luminous and is beginning to glow. Imagine this. It is valid that you should use creative imagination. See the whole planet in which these centres of light begin to merge with each other, and great areas of the dying darkened planet begin once more to be vibrantly alive.

The Christ power is Life. The life that is in all things is one Life, one Spirit, and the human hierarchy is called upon to awaken, to become active, to take the initiative to enable this Light-Love force to penetrate the whole of nature.

The initiative perforce must come from the individual, from each of us, but in immediate response, the higher intelligence, the power of the Christ and the angelic world, can flood in energy. It is a wondrous process. When a certain stage has been reached, the whole planet will be flooded with light. It is a storm. This power of the wind of God can drive the uncontrolled, the negative, the cruel, the brutal, on to the shoals and rocks. Humanity is the factor, that point within living nature, in which nature can open to the true flooding of a power of harmony – a power of love, which means that every particle of life in all its diversity knows itself to be working as part of the living Whole. Everyone is of value, none is too small or insignificant to take part in this wonderful operation, which is nothing less than the transformation of the planet. All are called on now.

Take that rudder. Set sail. Realise that you are what you think. As a man thinketh so he is. In your thinking the beings of the higher world can become operative. It is a wonderful process, for you are not going to hear a voice which speaks out of God. You are going to hear your own thoughts, but those thoughts can be impregnated by the thoughts of your guide. Always they are your thoughts. You experience the God-thought in your own thinking as if you had thought it yourself. Therefore you have no obligation to follow it. It is not interfering with your freedom. Do not fear being taken over by darker spirits, for, remember that these negative, adversary beings work in the emotions of fear, hate, anger, criticism, discouragement, negativity, cynicism.

If you have accepted and are ready to use the "perfect language" and are cutting out these negative words and thoughts, emotions and attitudes, how can the darker beings take possession of you? The Christ is never cynical, never enters into negative criticism, never constrains, never hates. For He is Love, He is Oneness. Therefore if within yourself you allow only the thoughts, attitudes and emotions of joy, calm, tranquillity, serenity, and non-violence, you are making of yourself a channel for the living Christ.

Go forward therefore into joy. Invite your guide, your angelic friend, filled with the Christ Love, to come down on to this earth plane. You will have made the planet glow a little lighter. You will have become a luminous point and you will draw to yourself not only the groupings of human souls also on this path, but you send up a little beam which draws down ethereal light and power. The angelic worlds can then respond. They see this light, a little light which cannot be hid, and they know that here they may flood into the darkened earth plane.

These infinite numbers of little lights together lead to the becoming luminous of the whole planet, a force which is stronger than the powers of darkness. Darkness cannot live where there is light.

Draw down the light. This is your task. Set forth in that little boat with joy and with the flag of Christ/Michael at the masthead. This is the message for the day. Fare forward, traveller.

U.F.O. Experience

THERE IS A SPACESHIP landed in the forest. Its doors are open, and within is effulgent light. There are beings who emerge from the depths of the light, quite impregnated with its quality, beings of light. We are invited in, we are drawn in. One goes before me and the body becomes translucent, glowing. Some will not go in. There is no need to. But I can see that for one who does, that which is of darkness or negativity must have been expunged. It is thrown out by the radiation of this light. It is, therefore, not possible to enter unless that which is negative – fear, criticism, guilt, hate, doubt are relinquished. It is a process of cleansing, a kind of bath in light.

We are dressed in an etheric robe of seamless white. We carry a golden cross hanging over the heart centre and a circlet with a star over the brow centre. My turn comes to go forward. Let me be worthy of this, for it is an initiation. I walk up to the doors of the ship, which is the usual circular UFO form. I am met with a powerful radiation of warmth and light. It is a cleansing. On my part, there can only be the readiness to let go of all. Let go doubt, let go fear, let go guilt. There are conditions: "Abandon fear all ye who enter here." Abandon guilt, abandon time. You are moving out of time, you are moving through the gateway into the eternal that is outside the time scale, into ethereal space.

I feel around me the beings who would strive to hold me back. These are the darker angels who would bind the soul to past regrets and future fears. But their backward, downward drag is weakened and eliminated by the radiation of the light. I move forward. It burns out the negative. I feel the blast around my temples, into my throat, into my heart, through my limbs. Of course this is a kind of death, death into life. I am in the group of us who have been taken and are now gathered around the central source of light, a central column which is lighter than light, warmer than warmth. It is a presence, a being, it is asking a question, it is playing on our consciousness: "What have you done for me? What are you prepared to do for me? Will you leave all and follow me? I want you. You are of me. You are mine. But there is total freedom. You may leave still, before the door shuts". Nothing, Lord, will take me from this. I want you, total You. I let go everything that I am, that I was. I give all that I am and will be. It is for this that I came. This is the gateway. This is the way through. I ask that I may keep this quality of light while I am still bound to a body.

I hear music. There is sounding. A humming that works in my head. The star in the brow begins to glow. There are hands which are fixing also a golden torque over the throat centre. The cross on the heart, in the heart, glows, radiates. Now the power is right down into the feet. Life into the feet. I experience the true feet, the archetype of the foot. I am being given the archetype of the human body, the body into which I am to develop.

I feel, I look down in thought into the feet. I see the articulated bones, I see the beauty of the arches. Consciousness moves up to the head. I am the head. The globe of the head is floating there. My consciousness is both in and around it, looking at it. For around my body is a great cloud of light. I am the cloud of light. And it is forming into the vortex of the head. I see the eyes from behind, from inside and I consciously look through them. I can play the beam of the eye in any direction. That which it touches is revealed in its essence. I look out into the forest and the eye-beam reveals the glowing life in the trees. It reveals the life and light, the one light, the divine life.

I know the eye to be an organ of the sun. It is a wound burned into the head which crystallises into the eye organ through which I, the Self, can look. This ethereal eye sees the light in every form, that is the Idea, the being, in every form. Sense of sight, sense of hearing, another break in to the globe of the head. I experience the growth, the development of the skeleton, out of the head. First a fluid vaporous form, a light form. I feel the shaft that is to be the spine, a focal point of tremendous strength, the stream, the column. The great cage of the ribs, holding the heart and I am a light body, a life structure in which there can be no disease. I am allowed forward to be embraced by the Master, to be blessed by the column, the central flow of light energy and of love. I am allowed to kneel, for this is overwhelming. Into the beating heart is planted a power of love. Into the limbs, strength and beauty, into the head, light and thought. Let me be worthy of receiving the Christ light. I claim my light. I claim my Christ-hood. Strike, strike down. Everything can be burnt out. I am yours. I belong to Christ, the Lord. Help me to make that good. Help me to live out my time, filled with this love, this courage, this light, this total forgiveness. Forgive me Lord as I forgive those who trespass against me. Deliver me from the evil. Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

The spaceship is moving. The doors are closed. We turn to look out. The light is behind us and through us, everywhere. There is a sounding, a humming. We rise musically. We move up the scale with lovely chords, the earth falls beneath us. We watch the earth reduce in size. We are falling upwards, expanding, lifting, floating. We approach up to the mother ship. It is as if this is the underside of a cloud of ethereal substance, the outer crust of another realm. Many ships are docking under this, for it is a huge area. It is really a surround of the earth, which is small below us. We are being released to walk out, to walk up, to walk through.

We walk out in our warmth bodies. There is no weight, no gravity. We move where we direct our attention. I take hands with my companion, my guide. I feel the love surrounding. I remain an individuality, but here I experience the blending. Try it, we can move through each other. Try it. We are floating over a lake, with wonderful forests. And I am being shown the mountains. I and my guide, and there are others with us, are drawn up a mountain valley. There is forming in the plateau in the high valley, a little town, yes it has walls, shining walls, and gates. The gate is thrown open for us to enter. We move by thought, we are where we direct attention, but I keep with my guide. Up the steps of the temple.

Angelic Guide speaking:

You have been watching with your imagination. This gives you some sense of the scope and scale of things, for infinite variety. You see what it means to be lifted into the mother ship. Of course that can happen, of course that will happen to those who are prepared. You have moved out of time as you understand it. You have spent a short time, half an hour of your earth time and will shortly click back again, but you experience the two-fold consciousness, your own earth-bound consciousness and the great fact of the Oneness of all being and Identity with the Oneness.

That which you form with your imagination is real; how can it be other? There is this city, this temple, this mountain, these lakes, these forests. You and your little group are surrounded now by the cloud of light. We move in the light. Wisdom lives in the light. Now I ask you to look down from this height. You are looking from an angelic level. You are experiencing the wonder of our plane, but look down to Earth.

Experience with me now, take my hand, let me blend with you. I'm taking you down again. Zoom down to Earth. Let the Earth enlarge. Plunge into the earth atmosphere. Keep the cocoon of light round you. We are simply lowering, coming down the frequency bands, plunging into earth atmosphere. Come down and find your own waiting body. Approach it from above. Surround it with the light. You are not your body, but you may bless it. It is a frail thing. Pour your light into it. Pour your strength into it. You are a Christed being who is now going to operate for the day in a body. You are going to hold the light of the cloud, in mind and in heart, the love and the sense of Oneness. You are one in heart with them all. See the cocoon of light, cloud of light surrounding your aura. You now bring down into your physical body and into the cleansed emotional body, some recollection of the light where you've been. Is this not like the near-death experience? You are waking up. You are becoming alive. You have experienced that you are part of the unitary body of humanity. All of you are fibres in the one body of love.

You are going to spend the day now on the earth plane walking with Christ. I hold your hand, I am there. I shall stay with you. Let my thinking be your thinking. As we impinge upon the events of the day, know that I will put the thoughts in your mind. You are now striving to live moment to moment – in the NOW.

There isn't any past. There isn't any future. Fear of the future, remorse about the past are expunged. This is the forgiveness of the Christ, He that is the Lord of Karma. The soul is virgin again.

But now you are going to move through the day. You will come back into time. You'll now know what the descent of the UFO means. Back into the little ship, back down to Earth, back into the earth forest, and the doors are thrown open. You are now the radiant light being who can walk out into a physical body. The physical body is itself like a tiny UFO. You have to have a body of some sort. The body is a focal point. You've called it the temple, which enables you to work now in the density of gravity. Walk lightly, poised between the world of gravity and the realm of levity. Earth is a spaceship. The body is a temple. The UFO is simply a temple, a spaceship, a structure, a body, that can carry "being" between frequencies. You've been expanded up into the mother ship which you have discovered to be the Whole, the great Oneness, in which everything is. Now you have come back again and taken over your body, but it is cleansed, Christed, full of light, full of love. It can hurt no-one. Now I'll hand you back to yourself. Do not doubt. You move from dullness, through doubt into integrity of thought, blessedness of soul.

Be blessed. I am with you always.

The Validity of Channelling

THERE IS AN intimate and inner relation between a higher world of living thought and being, and its expression in the realm of physical appearance. We are 'alive' now, in the visible, tangible world. We live in a body in which intelligence and intellect can manifest, using the five senses for experience and interpretation. With the over-development of the left hemisphere of the brain and its intellectual faculties in the last few centuries, we have clearly lost much of the faculties of the right brain, the more sensitive, poetic, visionary powers that can apprehend the super-sensible worlds.

We have established beyond doubt that the Higher Worlds are a reality and that they can be explored. Indeed this is one of the great adventures of our age. Furthermore, in the light of global changes indicated from the turn of the century, the bridge of contact will become vitally important. Channelling is a bridging between our normal consciousness and the 'higher worlds'. The fact that this field can be open to deception and misunderstanding does not mean that it is invalid to work for this inner contact between the planes of being. Indeed, it must be achieved.

Channelling has had an interesting history over me last century. In the late 19th century mediumship held interest for many, chiefly in the attempt to make contact with those who had 'passed on'. Here the primary motive was to establish and prove survival of death. Great names were associated, including Sir Oliver Lodge. The seances most certainly produced some interesting phenomena, but it must be recognized that these sessions involved a lowering of consciousness in the medium – which could lead to illness and breakdown.

In direct contrast is the achieving of knowledge of the higher worlds through intensifying of thinking. This was the achievement of Rudolf Steiner, whose contribution is of profound significance. Born in 1864 with a first rate scientific intellect, he found that he possessed complete inner vision of the spiritual worlds. He soon found that his fellow students could not see what was open to him – the reality of spiritual beings working everywhere, throughout the natural kingdom. But he recognized that this was a strange throw-back to an older form of knowledge, not consonant with the scientific intellect of the age. He therefore decided never to speak about his spiritual vision until he had so intensified his thinking that he could recover this knowledge as genuine scientific investigation of the invisible worlds with fully conscious thinking. He had to make it quite clear that his spiritual knowledge was not mediumship, but an achievement of intensified thinking. Therefore he warned his followers against what was then understood as channelling.

When at the turn of the century Steiner launched into spiritual teaching, he demonstrated an unlimited possibility of spiritual knowledge and its application to all aspects of living. It was of course vital to him that no-one should think that his complete width of knowledge of the higher worlds was achieved through 'mediumship'. He had achieved a true intensifying of thinking to explore higher knowledge and to merge thinking with the consciousness of beings on the spiritual planes.

This momentous achievement of Steiner's is of profound relevance to our broad picture of channelling. It truly indicates the emergence of a new type of human being, one who has taken a deliberate step in consciously lifting and intensifying thinking, so that his mind can blend with Mind and Being in the spiritual world.

Our picture must be that the human entity, the I AM in each of us, is a droplet of divinity, immortal and therefore axiomatically imperishable, belonging to the higher worlds of spirit, but dipping into embodiment for training and experience on Planet Earth, the greatest school for souls. Upon Earth the human race experiences freedom of choice. We may therefore be led astray by the 'adversary forces' – the tempters who inflate egoism and deny the spirit. We need many lives on earth in order to go through the long training and ultimately to transform our soul and mind so that we may, in freedom, become co-creators with God.

Now it becomes clear that bridging between the material and spiritual planes is vitally important. We are called on in this age to develop consciousness that can rightly channel information and make direct contact with discarnate beings within our own conscious thinking. This obviously has its dangers, since there are many evil beings who would strive to take possession of human souls. In the great school of Earth we are learning to master our own souls and ultimately reach the point when we can truly allow ourselves to be flooded with all-embracing Love-which in truth is the power of the living Cosmic Christ. It has been said that Earth, created as the Planet of Wisdom, is now to be transformed into the planet of Love. This is the true meaning of the Second Coming and it is taking place in our generation as we approach the millennium.

The world is now ready for a dissolving of barriers between the planes of matter and spirit. Therefore, with a new validity, direct channelling emerges and is a vital factor in the spiritual awakening of our time. It is an essential exploration. Like the explorers of the first Elizabethan Age, we must recognize the dangers inherent in our exploration, while launching out into the adventure of blending in consciousness with higher worlds.

On the higher planes of being we are, as spiritual entities, instantly wherever we project our attention. And where love exists between two beings, we may be sure that the 'other one' is instantly there, blending mind and heart when we send out our thought and call. Once attuned, we may indeed talk mentally with them. A vista of possibilities open as this inner converse is mastered and used. This is a bridging operation of wonder and beauty and we are called on to cultivate this inner channelling so that we may move with courage and certainty into and through an era of change.

We now grasp the immense importance and validity of the true channelling – the cultivation of the ability to allow the thoughts and teachings of higher Mind to enter our human minds. It opens a vast field which can include the heights of wisdom, but also the deception of lesser beings whose motives may be dangerous seduction and the denial of the Spirit.

The basic truth is that the being from the Higher World speaks to us from within our own thinking. Mind blends with mind. It may appear that we have merely thought or spoken our own thoughts. Then sometimes we may know with absolute certainty that we are thinking or speaking as a channel for a being out of the body. When a dear friend 'dies' we may at first feel that he or she is lost to us. Then we realize that, freed from the body, they are very close, drawn by the bond of love. They are where we are, but blended heart to heart and mind to mind. This can become the most beautiful relationship. Of course it is most important to overcome the unreasoning grief which will drag the departing soul down and hamper its progress. We must release it into the light and send it forth on its journey with courage and hope. And then, by loving thought, allow it to blend with our own soul when occasion arises or the call is sent out from either side.

There may be the doubt that this is simply 'me talking to me'. But we must 'test the spirits' through the quality of the channelling. Obviously the process varies with everyone. With some who are highly sensitive, it becomes a real inner conversation or dictation. Read for instance the wonderful new book by Ken Carey called Starseed: The Third Millennium. Ken describes how he was truly taken over in fullest consciousness, and the book was dictated to him, chapter by chapter. This is an example of channelling at its most wonderful and advanced. Clearly such contact is of immense significance for the coming time.

We have in the last century so over-developed the intellectual faculties of the left-brain reasoning, that right-brain intuition has too often fallen into disuse and become dormant. Yet the wonder is that MIND (in God) is directly in touch with 'mind' in the human being. Knowledge or inspiration can be given in the instant intuitive flash from Higher Mind. The intellectual left hemisphere will demand reason and will doubt and question and analyse. The faculty of intuitive mind-response has in the Age of Reason been too often left unused. Yet it holds the most marvellous secrets and guards the portal of vision.

Blake as visionary wrote:

Now I will a fourfold vision see
And a fourfold vision is given to me
Fourfold is my supreme delight
And threefold in soft Beulah's night
And twofold always. May God us keep
From single vision and Newton's sleep.

'Single vision' represented for him the reliance on left hemisphere intellect at the price of atrophying of the organ of direct spiritual perception operating through the right hemisphere with its direct inner vision. Blake takes 'Newton' as symbol for the high development of intellectual thinking, which, while being essential, may preclude spiritual vision and contact.

So, in our so-called 'New Age thinking', we take part in a general awakening of a mental activity in direct contact with spiritual and super-sensible Mind. The result is a very wide flow of channelled knowledge. How often we hear people say "My guidance told me. . ." or "I was given such and such information." A whole vista of new potential is opening up, which basically implies that right-hemisphere mind is allowing the more sensitive, poetic faculties, so long dormant in our very intellectual culture, to become operative as direct channels for spiritual thinking and apprehension. Thus the New Age is characterized by channelling as a central feature of the present awakening. Of course it is at times simple, since it represents the awakening of largely dormant faculties. But in our time the direct contact becomes a phenomenon of immense potential and importance. Perhaps it is behind the remarkable melting of barriers in our western culture, so notable in the last few years, and symbolized by the coming down of the Berlin Wall.

Let us have the courage to accept channelling as a major factor in the spiritual awakening of our time. It represents the dissolving of frontiers and a true recognition that humankind is One and that every soul is a droplet of divinity, immortal, imperishable, and interlinked. And let us recognize that marvellous channelling of highest quality is now in full flood, bringing vision, courage, confidence and joy.

The wonderful volumes of spiritual teaching by the Arcane School come from direct channelling of the Master K.H. by Alice Bailey. A stream of books based on direct right-hemisphere contact is now flooding the alternative bookshops. At its finest, channelling of spiritual knowledge through sensitive souls who can listen to the inner voice of their higher guides or link with friends 'out of the body', is a major factor in the redemption of mankind through the rising tide of Love.

Planet Earth is to be cleansed of its greed and violence through humanity opening to the divine Love impulse, which is the real Second Coming in our time. And channelling is an essential vehicle for this "Operation Redemption". While we remain wise to the dangers of too superficial contact with the higher worlds, let us accept the present flood of channelling as a primal factor in the redemption of benighted humanity.

Coming Home

THE I AM speaks, Christ-filled:

Yes, you are coming home.
Home is where I AM.
You have shut yourself off You, all of you, over the last centuries, have built your castles of defence, your strong, stone walls, your battlements, your moats.
You have felt the need to protect yourselves.

You have been motivated by fear and all that comes from fear – all the evil beings of criticism and hate, doubt, dislike and disappointment. Your city has been occupied by these enemy forces. You have been enslaved in serving them. You have thought it necessary to build this strong fortress with its flinty front and facade.

Now I AM calling on you to dissolve the barriers, slight the castle, destroy all defences, knowing that, receiving ME, you have the perfect and only defence. Draw around your consciousness the cloud of golden light, alive, comforting, warm. You are surrounded by this golden glow.

Lift, lift out of the hard stone. See it becoming translucent.

As you rise to My frequency, the stone appears to melt, to fade, finally to disappear. Like your old Cotswold stone walls, it finally disintegrates and returns to soil. See the site of the castle now, a mound in which archaeologists can dig for foundations. Now you are centred in the golden cloud. The core, the kernel, glows and shines. Within the mind, within the heart, is light.

So simply you are come home. You drive out the spirits of darkness, those negative emotions. You throw away all the old weapons of defence of the ego based on fear.

You cut out from your vocabulary all words of doubt, despair, discouragement, dislike, distaste, distress, desperation, disappointment. This is the dark city of Dis. Before your mouth a threshold be guarded. Let no words today come through your lips motivated by these dark beings of negativity. Put them all aside. They have no place in the golden cloud. So long as you sustain the light-filled sphere, they cannot enter. The two cannot live together. If you let the dark in, the golden light of My presence will withdraw and fade. This is the one thing you can hold to. You have dissolved the bastions and fortifications. They are dead mounds now. You are floating above them. You are the lighted cloud with its shining star centre, My centre. Cut out the spoken words. Cut out the thoughts which those words express. Thought is so quick. You must therefore learn to watch your thought like fencer. You once handled the foils so beautifully. What a symbol! Watch to parry any attack. Touché! A touch a touch, I do confess!

Remember that whenever you consciously create the cloud and throw down those defences, you become vulnerable, like a new born creature. This is both a coming home and a birth into a new tenderness, a tender and gentle creature. Therefore My defence, the Christ Power, is absolutely vital and while I AM there it gives you total protection, for any missile of dark thought, any projectile shot at the soul, will be deflected and dissolved and rejected. It cannot live in the Light. Therefore watch the thoughts. They are also the vocabulary, even if unspoken. They can be daggers to stab other souls. Therefore have you built your fortress defences, built because of fear, not love. At last, after so long, you are coming through, coming home, building your true interior temple in the NOW. It is the living Now, this ever moving flowing moment, continuously in touch with Me, the Christ and your angels. You have the unit of this day to play with, work with. Move through it. Enjoy it. Forgive yourself all that is past, as you are forgiven. Love Me wherever you see Me, in human, animal, bird, plant, angel. Submit, surrender, dissolve all protection, but take Me, the power of the Living Christ.

So be it.

I Want one Thing

I AM ONCE MORE outside the great bastion wall and gate, through which I could not make entry. There was darkness and weight in my embodiment which debarred the crossing of the threshold. Now I stand in my surrounding cloud of light, my local defensive field around my aura. But now I am joined by one that I love. We blend; we unite. Love is activated between us. I bring to the threshold the love of another human being. In commitment I step forward offering myself for entry. I move further into the shining of the light, the great rays of light which penetrate my whole being. The light again fills the crown chakra, spreads into Head, shines from the brow, down to the throat, down to the Heart. Let it begin to glow. Down to solar plexus, the sun centre, and continue down with its cleansing action into the darker will area, the sacral centre, the ajna centre and on into the limbs.

There is a burning-out of ego desire. I am committed to taking the choices that make for Wholeness, WHATEVER is involved. To the best of my ability, I reject the ego desires. My intention, when faced with choice, is to choose always that course that makes for greater wholeness, to make the world more whole, to join consciously with this evolutionary drive towards wholeness, whatever that involves.

That is my wish as from now. When I choose wrongly, you, my guides, will quickly make it clear and give me another opportunity to try again. When I freely choose aright, then you will flood your energy and light through me and I shall know that the course is the right one.

It often matters very little which course is chosen. What matters is to make the choice and act into it, watching above all for that intuitive flash which almost always comes first at the moment of choice and is so often overlaid by the interference of rational intellect. I am training myself to move into new situations under your guidance, dedicated and rededicated to following the path of wholeness. This is holism in action. More and more human beings will take this course.

The morphogenic field of humanity is being activated by every one of the race who adopts this course. It is the endless adventure. I repeat that what matters is cultivating the ability to take the conscious choices, preferring always to take the bolder, more difficult, more exciting course rather than the more timid one which seems to satisfy personal desire.

I choose the course of Wholeness, whatever it involves, however much the 'ego-desires', react against it. This will help in the burning out of self. I submit this and, blended in love with another soul, I stand directly in the beam of light.

Acceptance I know and now we are drawn through the Gate into the Light.

A throng of beings receive us. My little cloud-aura is enlarged and strengthened by the blending with others I love and who love me. It is therefore intensified, for they also become part of my thinking. They live in my thinking, which now bears and carries spiritual beings. I act in the certainty that my beloved friends are using my thinking. What I think is them. To this concept I respond, in action.

We now move up to the Square, the cathedral ahead of us. Sufficient for now that we have made entry. When I look at those accepted I can see the glowing point in the forehead and the light of the heart – passport to eternity.

I can, with ease, come back to the Square for further exploration. So we leave it now.

(The inspiration for this section comes from the delightful book I Want One Thing, by Frances Horn.)

The Crystal Sphere – your Original Face

YOU HAVE ENTERED the Light and the Life. Hold it in perfect stillness and serenity. You know by direct experience that the darker emotions, moods and beings are repelled by the Light. For them it is intolerable. They may assault your interior castle, but they cannot conquer it – unless you surrender and give them entry.

You are peering through a crystal sphere of sight and vision. You experience this wonderful evolution of an organ of thought and sense which can behold the wholeness of life. But you have been entirely unaware of the marvel of sheer design which makes this possible.

Look out from your crystal sphere. Have now the simplicity of childhood and hold critical intellect at bay. "Except ye become as little children..." What is this so-called face? Now go gently and stay simple. You know about your face through looking in a mirror. You have intellectually grasped the concept of the retina of the eye receiving images and reversing them. You have seen diagrams of the amazing mechanism of the ear. But unless these organs are ill and you have ear-ache or eye-ache or headache you are totally unaware of them. In actual experience, if you are childlike, honest and simple, your face becomes like one shining eye, an open crystal sphere, through which you look out. Through it you see your clothes, your feet, the bookcase, the window, and beyond it the trees and houses.

They are all in this crystal sphere. So are the clouds and the stars. Where does it end?

It was Douglas Harding who first was hit by this concept – 'I haven't got a face'. As a student of Zen he understood why the Zen masters would say "cut off your head" and then roar with laughter. They called the crystal sphere your 'original face' in which you could perceive all that is.

Harding wrote an enchanting and challenging little book On having no Head, and he saw his teaching as a kind of western Zen.

In your real experience, everyone else you see has this remarkable 8 inch lump on their shoulders, pierced with seven holes and with hair on top – but not you! You are, in your experience, unique in possessing the crystal sphere, and for each one of them the experience is the same. Each person is unique in carrying this amazing organ of perception, in which the universe is contained. For, be honest – where does your original face stop?

Traherne writes in his Centuries of Meditations:

You will never enjoy the world aright till the sea floweth in your veins, till you are clothed with the heavens and crowned with the stars, and perceive yourself to be the sole heir of the whole world, and more than so because men are in it who are every one sole heir as well as you.

It needs the simplicity of a little child to see this great truth. Drop all 'face-saving', all 'putting a bold face on things', and 'facing up to things'. Throw away your face and accept the crystal sphere which contains all things on which it directs its attention. I take away your face and give you the universe! Like a little child you can enter the Kingdom.

The design, the sheer artistry of this creation, is far beyond our understanding and we take it for granted! There is design behind all evolution. Within nature has been produced a being with a nervous system and a brain through which matter can be lifted into consciousness. The Divine field has evolved the human being, as a culminating point in nature, because the universe needs this organ 'in the likeness of God' within the field of matter. The human being is that point where nature can become conscious of itself and reflect the living Ideas in the Mind of God and so become creative in freedom.

It is indeed possible for the angelic beings to enter into human consciousness and look out of the human eye in order to see what the work of creation looks like from within. As we reach this point in evolution they can blend with us in thought and experience their creation, while we can begin to break out of limitation and separation, and identify with the Unitary Being of Humanity, designed after the image of God.

As we reach this point, the beings of the lighter worlds can blend with us in thought, while we can learn to look and listen with a greater refinement, because our consciousness is merged with theirs. The angels then can look at the forms of nature through our eyes, while we can look with the eye of the mind at the being and life within the forms. This is the great step in exploration into God, for God IS the life in all things.

Green Man Experience

I come directly into the Garden.
I float as a point of consciousness and light and
thought and vision.
I project myself and am accepted and drawn through the door out of the darkness into the Light. Into the green.
I become the Green Man, the head which is one with the fronds of green plants.
Whatever I touch, I am.
I am the green in the grass.
I am the life in the ferns.
I directly blend with the elemental being within the ferns, within the daffodils, within the bulb under the Earth.
I am within the green shoot,
the first tiny tree which is to become the great beech.
I am outside Time, before time.
Before the beech tree was, I AM.
Vast floating bonded by nothing.
No matter, body, sense, gravity, nor any bond bonding.
I am the vast being of the Imagination
l am out of my body.
I can look down and see my body, knowing that I can come back.
This is just like the near-death experience.
I have lifted clear of the body,
I have been drawn into the light, which is, of course, a great Presence.
For I experience indeed that the Christ Power is everywhere, in everything.
I do not need to see Him as a visible being.
He is the light. He is the being within every form.
What was without now works within.
I am one with it, with Him.
This is so beautiful and so simple.
Death is a birth. This is the equivalent of having died.
I am now one with all life – Kinship with all life.
There is nothing I cannot love.
Love is the recognition of the Divinity within each thing,
The same Divinity as is in me.
I am instantly where I project consciousness – On to the top of the Mountain
Into the Temple – temple of Time, Gateway of Eternity.
I am out into the blue of Eternity.
I am in Time anywhere.
I am back in Time or forward into future.
I shall be able to see what it was like.
I look right back into the molten world seething, foaming, changing forming, hardening.
I look forward and on in time.
Passing over the present moment of manifestation.
I see again a changing world,
Rushing of waters.
Movement of the structure, shredding, lifting, breaking, new mountains rising.
I see humanity then as a field of light, surrounding the Earth.
Those souls lifted out of their bodies
become a cloud of light or strands of darkness,
Which are drawn out and form a darker planet.
They pull out through release from embodiment.
Clouds of darkness composed of soul quality coagulate and are drawn away
And form into an unlighted planet,
Which begins to solidify again,
That the souls may be given the opportunity of rebirth.
And I see how on our planet, surrounded by the fair luminous cloud enveloping the Earth,
These light-filled souls, one with all the archetypal beings, can then begin with consciousness
To form and build a New World.
The Earth is alight.
The Earth has given birth to consciousness.
All those who are beyond self and into the Oneness are shining a light.
Therefore the whole planet is surrounded by Light. Glory be!
O God how wonderful!
All the souls who before have achieved the conquest of ego and the entry to
the heart of love,
They all join together
Innumerable angelic light beings,
winged beings.
Sorrow and pain are transmuted into beauty. Agony, remorse, regret – forgiveness lifts
these. The pain of all that individual souls
have gone through in the struggle of embodiment,
this is turned into a new beauty.
'These things shall be: a loftier race
Than e'er the world has known shall rise
With fire of freedom in their hearts
And light of knowledge in their eyes.

So be it.

Sacred Sympathy

I ENTER THE GARDEN. I am disembodied. I am a point of floating consciousness. So are you, my Guide. We meet as beings of thought. You speak in my thinking. There is at once a blending, and with it immediately is created a responsibility to sustain this blending of thought. I obviously must exercise all sympathy, tolerance, love. Otherwise the blending would be unmaintainable, intolerable, and even give opportunity for dark attack.

As you, Genesis, can slide into me with such gentle ease, so I enter the company, the soul group, for many other beings are living in your thinking. It is a Christed group held together by mutual attunement and love. If I came with irritation, criticism, hate, worry, cynicism, negative emotion, it would bring an intolerable irritant into the group and I should be rejected. These are the terms on which I may stay in the garden.

This is not sentiment. It is a simple fact that a subtle relationship remains impossible, unsustainable, without serenity and sacred sympathy. Thus once in the Garden I am surrounded by the structure or Cloud of Light. Genesis, you now speak to me.

Genesis speaking:

Listen George, what you have been speaking is already Me. You are grasping the concept and the experience of blended thinking. You have realised that fallen humanity puts itself out of the Garden into the darkness. If you feed on criticism, fear and hate, you exclude yourself from our light. Entirely your own choice. Consciousness is blending. There are indeed other beings who are not of our light, who are only too happy to step into your thinking. You perpetually exclude yourselves from what you call the Garden. You simply have no entry so long as the darker side of the ego is operative.

Can you see how important forgiveness is? Forgiveness and love are two sides of the same coin. That does not mean lack of discrimination. It does mean Sacred Sympathy, an understanding of motives and reasons for people's actions and characters. Now you can see that human society is being infiltrated, in the best sense of the word, by a force which is the emergence of a new humanity. Look into that great ocean of Christ consciousness. Beings innumerable, blended in heart and thought, light and love, sympathy, tolerance and forgiveness. You and yours are actively in the field of battle. That is what incarnation implies. Your souls have taken on this task of being the bridging point, the fringe force. The risk, of course, is that you in free choice are allowed to let ego dominate. Inevitably, when desire, fear, criticism and dislike become dominant, you then fall to a lower frequency that cuts you out from the light. Then you are possessed by beings of darkness. You are dragged down into the gravity field.

So-called 'possession' can be a terrible condition, when a lost soul or dark being actually gets into a personality. But realise that a condition of cynicism, fear and dislike, and its expression in thought and emotion, is a blending of being. Just as you are blending being with me within your thinking and your heart, all the time you are blended with much wider groupings of spirit., Having chosen to enter the Garden, then you begin a great exploration, but the terms for allowing you to stay are that you watch yourself and cut out from your heart and thought all ego desires, all the lower, frightened, angry, disappointed self. You have been touched by certain disappointments. You must fight this. No one else can. Have the courage to see that 'whatever is, is right'. Sometimes a difficult doctrine, but absolutely fundamental. Start from where you are, in my presence.

Blessings upon you.

All nature is but art, unknown to thee,
All chance, direction which thou canst not see,
All discord, harmony not understood,
All partial evil, universal good,
And, spite of pride, in erring reason's spite
One truth is clear – Whatever IS, is RIGHT.

(Alexander Pope)

Affirmations and the Life Energy

I CREATE IN IMAGINATION the luminous cloud enveloping my body and aura, impregnating me with warmth and light. I call upon you, Genesis, my Guide and Teacher, and you have given me the assurance that when I do so you are there. This implies that the angelic consciousness can be anywhere and every where. You are part of that great Oneness of Mind – the Mind of God which is omnipresent. We, in our human separation, had to learn that the divine ocean of love and wisdom is always everywhere. Higher beings will speak and think in you. You can think in me.

The impulse to speak with you is tantamount to your thinking in me – I need this contact.

I must establish a flow with you.

I must get beyond the sense that I alone create my thoughts.

Imagination is the power to lift thinking into the great Oneness of life, beyond the limitations of the sense world. Then we see that the life in everything is the same life, One Life.

Yes, my friend, know that you are always part of the great Oneness but you have related yourself to the separation. Attune now to the Oneness and discover that everything is within yourself. The greater Self includes everything to which you give your attention. You make the whole one Self. Sacred sympathy implies recognizing, with love, the beauty and wonder of life in anything you see. One Life! Identify with the Oneness of creation, for you as a human being are part of God in the Wholeness.

Grapple with your imagination. Perceive all within consciousness. Where does the withinness begin or end? It is like a glove turned inside out, or that Japanese fan folded and then opened to show the expanded circle. Identify with Light and Life. Know that the greater Self is the Oneness of Light with which you now consciously unite. That Self never ends. The exploration is endless and glorious.

Rightly and inevitably you will begin to love the light within every form you meet. In all human idiosyncrasies, in all struggles and imperfections, it is wonderful. Nature is very perfect in its working. The body is part of Nature and it too is very perfect. The astral body, the soul nature of man, is still very imperfect and chaotic. Humanity, in the deeper sense, is that Divine power of thought and light which holds everything in harmony and balance, for it is the power of the spirit playing with jcry through form. Often the being has little or no consciousness of this plan. The animal, the insect, the plant, manifest the workings of God's plan, but are not conscious of them. Instinct is the Divine Thinking, the thought of the archetypes or group egoes of the animals, evolved to fulfil necessary action. The human being is the creature into whom the ego can fully descend. In him can be chaos and disturbance and even a complete failure to work to the divine plan.

Now you can see the profound significance of this inner movement within individual humans to take conscious constructive control of themselves. Of course human freedom has resulted in much egoism and desire to satisfy the lust for power and sensation and possession of wealth.

The true human entity exists in the Mind of God. He, the Source, has thought you. Therefore there is no fear that you should be extinguished with the dissolving of the physical body. You are a strand of this whole ocean of thought, which is ubiquitous God. When you move over at so-called death, you will enter a realm where you can experience forests, rivers, men and mountains, and indeed, anything you can imagine. You are taken into a light-filled realm of infinite diversity. It is a condition of consciousness and it is everywhere, beyond time and space. You may assume that your true identity is immortal, for you are a strand of the ocean of consciousness. When your physical body has been dissolved, you are freed as a soul and spirit, and you live now in the others. You are all strands in this ocean of Life that is also Love.

On the higher planes all that you meet are also aspects of you, the greater You, the unified Humanity. You are a cell of that unitary consciousness. Humanity is still in a pre-birth condition and is approaching the awakening to its totality of being.

Look back on Earth and see it filled with half-awake creatures, all fighting each other, as beings encapsulated in ego and sense. Experience the ego drive of the lower self with its desires and its denial of the Spirit, possessed by the powers of darkness and the passions of Lucifer. Now behold the change through the totality of your Imagination. Let all human entities realize themselves as aspects of the Whole.

Here I quote a passage from Coleridge.

There is one Mind, one omnipresent Mind
Omnific. His most holy name is Love.
Truth of subliming import...
'Tis the sublime in man,
Our noontide majesty, to know ourselves
Parts and proportions of one wondrous whole.
This fraternises man...

Toy bewitched
Made blind by lusts, disinherited of soul
No common centre man, no common sire
Knoweth! A sordid, solitary thing
Mid countless brethren with a lonely heart
Through courts and cities the smooth savage roams
Feeling himself, his own low self, the whole
When he by sacred sympathy might make
The whole one Self! Self that no alien knows
Self, far diffused as fancy's wing can travel
Self, spreading still! Oblivious of its own
Yet all of all possessing! This is Faith!
This the Messiah's destined victory!

(Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

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