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Exploration into God
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1991 by Gateway Books, Bath
This book is out-of-print, now available only on this website
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Part Three:
Risen Thinking

The Living Earth – An Imaginative Experience
Angels and the Living Idea
What are we educating our young people for?
Risen Thinking

The Living Earth – An Imaginative Experience

"OH YES, we understand the Earth is alive". But there's more to it than that. You can easily get the intellectual concept. What matters is to transform it into an Imagination. Come with me on an imaginative journey.

Go up into the hills. "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help." You are this time in an arid desert valley with grim red crags, parched earth, dry water courses and rocky river bed. Beyond the head of the valley are greater mountains. Hot sun pours down on us and we are thirsty.

Over the higher range allow storm clouds to form, which advance towards us and spread over the clear sky. A damp gust bringing rain. Great single drops first fall in the parched soil and the smell of wet dust and earth is around us. Then the storm. Let it come lashing down, soaking us to the skin. The stream beds fill with first a trickle and then a strong flow of muddy water. Below, in the river bed, a wall of water descends and begins to thunder over the waterfall. Speed up the process and allow the storm to pass.

For how to the heart's cheering
The down-dugged ground-hugged grey
Hovers off, the jay-blue heavens appearing
of pied and peeled May!
Blue-beating and hoary-glow height; or night still higher
With belied fire and the moth-soft Milky Way.

(Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Crystal dear blue sky with white clouds sailing and a wonderful scent of wet earth around us. And now the miracle (it is perfectly valid to speed up the time sequence, for imagination can over-leap the matter-bound laws of space and time). The first green shoots of grass appear. As we watch, the fields are a'greening (there is no word in our language implying the active process of growing green: in German you can say "Es grünelt" – it greens itself). Grasp the miracle of grass, which can take over the Earth. This simple plant, bearer of life – why green? Why not red or blue grass? Because green is the image of Life. Let the green cover our valley. Let alpine flowers shine in the meadows. The tinkling streams are now crystal clear. Listen to the orchestra of the streams and find out how many 'instruments' you can hear in the music of the waters.

Below us is the forest. Put your consciousness into the great trees. Go down into the roots, invisible to the physical eyes but accessible to the eye of the mind, the imaginative vision. See how the new cells are proliferating according to programmed pattern to grip the rock. Allow the wind to strain the great branches and feel how the roots, with such intelligence, respond to hold the huge structure firmly to the rock. Intelligences indeed – we are very close to the elemental beings who are the intelligence of the Living Earth. Of old they called them the gnomes and pictured them as little men with pickaxes and green peaked caps. The simpler country folk would not have differentiated between the outer and inner eye, and the clairvoyants may have confused the two and thought they could actually see the gnomes with the outer vision. And the gnomes would respond by showing themselves in recognisable form singing

Hi ho, hi ho,
As home from work we go...

We are getting near to the nature spirits, and the gnomes are the craftsmen who work in the gravity field of rock and crystal.

Now 'see' the sap rising under the hard bark and grasp the wonder that here is liquid which should be running ever down to sea level, reversing the process and rising 50, 100 feet up the tree. Of course, the rational scientific explanation is 'capillary attraction'. But that is a name for a process. Behind it is a dynamic factor in the living Earth. The sap is being drawn up by the pull from the circumference – the polar opposite to gravity which we must re-establish as levity. When the tiny green shoot of a tree or flower breaks the hard soil or forces its way through asphalt, you wonder how anything so soft has strength to force its way through. The truth is that it is being sucked up from above. The creation of virgin new cells at that tiny focal point where Life is flooding, can extend to surrounding cells and shape a hole through which the new-forming shoot can be lifted. You begin actually to re-experience this primary polarity of gravity/levity, forgotten for the last two centuries. Go up to the dome of the tree where a million tiny new trees are bursting from node and bud. 'See' that every tree reaches up into a magnetic field that extends invisibly to the far periphery. Experience the entire wood as one gesture of earth expansion. We may even feel that the globe of our own head compares with the globe of the Earth. Are the trees then like the hairs of our head? Then are our hairs something like aerials for reaching out into the life-ocean of space? Think then, with horror, what it will mean when we have cut down all the forests and left the Earth bald. We are working our imagination into the Earth as a living Creature.

We have felt the intelligence of the gnomes. Let us also strive to approach the elemental beings of the water, called the Undines. Look into the miracle of the dew. We have looked at the crystal stream and listened to its music. Let the eye of the mind acknowledge the presence of beings who of course are working in the sap where the downward flow of liquid is reversed to rise in the life of the tree. And in the flowers, the craftsmen are the sylphs or fairies. Of course it is illusion that the physical eyes can see these 'little people'. They are there nonetheless, but the faculties of perception in most of us have gone dormant. Now we begin to overcome the legacy of reductionist rationalism and grasp that with awakened faculties of imaginative perception we can recognize and work with the living intelligences which are the nature spirits. The architects of the plant world are the Devas, angelic beings concerned with the realm where the archetypal Ideas are worked out in the Divine Mind. The craftsmen who fulfil the designs are the elemental nature spirits.

It is good to remind ourselves of the Law of Correspondences. As above so below. As in macrocosm so in microcosm. Since our body, the microcosm, breathes and has its bloodstream and endocrine glands, so in some sense will the macrocosm of the Living Earth. Earth breathes forces and energies. At midwinter Nature has breathed in fully and holds her breath till after Epiphany the sap begins to rise again. At Midsummer she has breathed out to the full and the earth energies stream out into the Cosmos.

At this point we must introduce the concept of Gaia, the Earth Goddess. It was the scientist Lovelock who first resurrected her in his book The Gaia Hypothesis, followed by Kit Pedlar's admirably readable book The Quest for Gaia. They submit that the concept is really helpful to explain the astonishing intelligence within nature which enabled the Earth Being to defend herself against attacks threatening the harmonious working of the living Whole. It becomes clear that whenever man in his technology threatens to bring about some imbalance, or by massive entropy to bleed the heat-life out of the body of the earth in loss of vital energy, Gaia knows how to counter-attack and in her good time restore the balance. The conclusion is that Gala must in the long run always win. Mankind, who should be the true steward of the planet, is in fact doing devastating harm in his avarice and ignorance. But Gala, biding her time, can never be defeated. We speak of 'conquering nature'. In the long run she must overcome us unless we learn to work in true cooperation with her. Perhaps ice-age or flood should be seen as Gaia's ultimate weapons, for she has infinite time ahead of her. What is 9O,OOO years out of eternity to grind down rock and re-fertilize the depleted top soil for new forests to grow?

Gaia is reacting against her errant steward. The shifting of the continental plates is like Gaia shrugging her shoulders to throw off the irritant of parasite man.

But perhaps it is time to come home from our valley. Know that imagination creates a reality on the subtle planes and that you can go back to your valley when you wish and intensify the imagery and the richness of the experience. Now come gently down and enter again into the cage of the senses, safely barred from the 'menace of eternity'.

Angels and the Living Idea

THE TITLE for the third book in the trilogy might well be "What Really is Happening Now". What, of all that is happening, is real? What is illusion? On what level is the real reality? From all we've been saying, it seems that the most real, most permanent factor, is the IDEA, the Living Thought of the Creator. That came first. That is lasting, not transient, like matter. "In the Beginning was the Word". That great affirmation and meditation in the opening words of St John's Gospel holds the whole secret. In our tumultuous, ever-changing life scene, where nothing seems permanent, we may turn to the Word, the Idea that underlies everything. These Ideas are alive. They are Beings, strands of the thought of God. All is God. God is everything. God is One. Yes, but the multiplicity of the World of Being is reflected in the multiplicity of the natural World, which, bewildering in its complexity, works as a stupendous Unity. We have seen that the IDEA expresses itself (presses out) into visible form and that the human mind can take hold of the idea within each form. This is the wonder. It gives us a new way of looking at Nature, not merely identifying the species of this plant or noting the habits of that bird, but thinking into the Living Idea that animates the form. On that level we can become one with the object, for we also are fragments of the great whole.

The becoming-realized of the IDEA is the true communion of man.

We are a fraction of the whole, yes, but man is that point in nature which has become self-conscious and can think about things and know that he is conscious. Thus the angelic world must delight in looking at nature through our eyes. Think of that! The eye is an organ created by light to see light, just as the ear and its convolutions is made by sound to hear sound. And, further, the human brain is to be seen as an organ for reflecting ideas. It does not secrete thoughts. It is made by thought to reflect thoughts in our consciousness. The convolutions of the brain reflect the convolutions of Cosmic Thought. The globe of the head is a microcosmic counterpart to the macrocosm of the ocean of Intelligence.

Think of the eyes of Nature in all their myriad forms. Modern scientific photography can show us what it is like to look through a fly's eye or an eagle's eye. Some insect eyes are so made that they see all the ultra-violet colours. Yet it must be that Man, the hu-man being made in the image of God, is given an eye which, more than any other, can reflect the wholeness of things. Adam, given the opportunity to name the creatures, was the being who could in his consciousness embrace the lot, the Whole.

The angels and the super-sensible beings must enjoy seeing through our eyes and looking at the nature they have created through human vision and consciousness. For them this would be a special form of exploration, bringing them really inside their creation. They can blend with us, as we blend with them. How enriching this would be (will be) when we have made it conscious. We can invite our angel to come on a tour of our world, and in reverse we could journey with him into the super-sensible world.
I suppose we should call an angel It, because it is androgynous, a male/female being, yet it sounds so impersonal. If we fall back on 'Him' it must be forgiven, for we are not thinking patriarchally. Here is an important statement by St Augustine:

Things were rather in the Angelic Mind than in Nature – that is to say that the Angels perceived and knew all things in their thoughts before they could spring into actual existence. God never works but through them.

We must come to terms with the concept of the Angels as absolutely real and indeed vital to our existence. It is tragic that such doubt has been thrown upon them. With a gesture of imagination we can come again into contact with these wonderful allies of ours, in the birth of the New Age.

I quote the remarkable poem by Martin Armstrong, called "The Cage", in which he plays with the concept that the five senses are really filters to protect man from the grandeur of the Cosmos.


Man, afraid to be alive
Shuts his soul in senses five,
From fields of uncreated light
Into the crystal tower of sight,
And from the roaring songs of space
Into the small flesh-carven place
Of the ear, whose cave impounds
Only small and broken sounds,
And to his narrow sense of touch
From strength that held the stars in clutch,
And from the warm, ambrosial spice
Of flowers and fruits of paradise
Into the frail and fitful power
Of sense and tasting, sweet and sour,
And toiling for a sordid wage
There in his self-created cage,
Ah, how safely barred is he
From menace of eternity!

As T. S. Eliot said, "Humankind cannot bear very much reality."

Will you now use imagination to explore out into the higher aspects of the senses. Reach out into the "fields of uncreated Light". Let the consciousness expand into this glory. Listen to the "roaring songs of space". Make the imaginative effort to open to the music of the spheres.

"Look how the floor of heaven
Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold.
There's not the smallest orb that thou beholdest
But in his motion like an angel sings,
Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins.

You have "strength to hold the stars in clutch".

We are discovering the reality of "ethereal space", that realm outside time and matter, that vast field of Mind, of which the human mind is a droplet. Into this we can expand. It is eternity, which we enter in sleep and when we are released by death, and we can touch in meditation. Touch, we discover, is an extended faculty. The eye-beam, the thought beam, is like a subtler sense organ and the tip of the eye-beam is like an ethereal finger. Use it, knowing that we are where we put our attention. The spiritual world is wherever we are able to apprehend it, and it is everywhere. When we enter ethereal space we can instantly be at the distant stars. Use the thought beam to feel into the subtler realms and so bring back information into your consciousness.

Then the "flowers and fruits of paradise", which with their "warm ambrosial spice" are the ethereal counterpart of our sense of taste and smell. We are realising that our sense organs are actually made by the heavenly realms they can observe. Thus (to quote Goethe):

If the eye were not sunlike, it could not behold the sun.

The complex ear is made by the convolutions of cosmic surroundings – in order to filter "only small and broken sounds". Then what about scent? Does it not imply that on the high frequencies there is an ocean of living scent, and that this has its counterpart in physical matter? The fact that we possess the sense of smell implies the creative field of living scent which we can apprehend.

The artistry of Nature creates forms, but life is then able to metamorphose these into higher and subtler conditions. Thus petal in the flower is leaf metamorphosed. We must feel that the flower is an organism that is reaching up into frequencies far above the heavy material density. All the frequencies are everywhere. Every cubic centimetre is shot through with all that is. Thus the flower, transforming into scented petal, blue, purple, yellow or red, is touching up into an invisible ocean of free, living colour and scent, which our normal senses cannot see or smell. But we are discovering that we have subtler senses and can also refine our coarser sense to apprehend the living Idea and Being working through nature's art of metamorphosis.

Now we must add to the poem the The Sense of Thought. The brain, that fabulous organ, the culminating point of cell complexification which can therefore carry the highest consciousness in man, is not an organ for secreting thoughts. It is an organ of perception, for perceiving ideas.

We have realised that there is indeed an ocean of living ideas which are strands of thought and being of God, and to this we can attune. It opens a gateway of exploration into wonder.

Let not him that seeks cease from his search until he finds. Finding he shall wonder and wondering he shall enter the Kingdom and in the Kingdom he shall find peace.

We each of us have our own angel who overlights our lives. They are part of the greater reality. It is of the utmost importance that we should come to terms with this thought. If you like the idea, you can live with it to find out if it is true. 'Belief' is not demanded. Thought is invited.

This then is the concept. The angels are living beings, strands of the thought of God. They are energies that are so alive that they can embody themselves in form. They are the living Ideas or archetypes with which creation begins. They were explored by Moses during his years of revelation in the wilderness. His findings were confirmed by Dionysus in recognising the nine hierarchies of the Heavens. These great beings exist on many levels, from the exalted seraphim and cherubim, close to the throne of God, down to the individual angels whose primary task is watching over humanity and helping our evolution to fulfil itself.

Thus in our epoch the concern of the angels with our world will be very great. We stand at the threshold over which we may step into the width of cosmic consciousness. This is a culmination of aeons of evolution. Our generation is privileged to be involved with this tremendous challenge. We have discovered that the prison door is not locked and all we have to do is to push it open and walk out, beyond the cage of sense-bound, matter-bound thinking.

Humanity, carrying the precious gift of free will, has a great and wonderful task. We approach a time of initiation for the planet and for our race, when consciousness can take a forward step and blend with the beings of the higher worlds.

For long ages our angel has watched over us and we have totally ignored It. Now we must put right that omission. Here is a little poem by Christian Morgenstern, translated from the German:


Oh, if only you knew how much your countenance changes
If in the middle of a glance (the still and pure one
which united you to me)
You lose your inner self and sweep away from me,
As a landscape, bright just now,
Clouds over and locks me out from you.
Then I am waiting, waiting silently
Often lone, and were I a man like you
the torture of my scorned love would kill me.
But the Father gave me endless patience,
and, unshakeably, I wait for you.
I wait for you whenever you will come.
Take this mild reproach as no reproach –
as a chaste message only.

Our angel works closely with our higher Self in staging situations for our education and testing. Our life on Earth is an initiation and we are given ordeals and trials. If once we really grasp this, we shall accept our difficulties and apparent misfortunes as part of the great plan, and give thanks for them. After all, our temporary sojourn on the planet is but a short parenthesis out of the greater existence in the spiritual world. Furthermore, since we are immortal and imperishable beings, we have the whole of eternity for our exploration and development. We come from God and after the experience of separation, work back into Him as conscious beings.

The angels do not need freedom in the human sense. They are integrally one with the thought and being of the Creator, differentiated indeed, but blended always with the Whole and their delight is to serve that Divine Whole. Humanity "a little lower than the angels but crowned with glory and honour", has a place of great privilege in the pattern of the universe. The 'Tenth Hierarchy' has been given the opportunity of developing free choice and therefore coming back to the Father as a conscious co-creator. This beautiful Planet Earth is the setting for the great experiment of a part of creation which itself becomes creative. Therefore the Heaven World watches this planet with great interest, for it is truly a seed point from which can come something new into the universe.

Angels obey. Their delight is to fulfil the will of God. They will never impose their will on the human being, for they must respect our freedom. The human 'I' is divine. It is a droplet of God. Therefore we are in the position of being entitled to call on our angel and give our orders. Though they are in a sense 'higher' than man, we have a very special position as creator with freedom of choice. Therefore we must assume that our invisible angel is present instantly whenever we think of it and that it will obey our behest, for its task is to serve.

Don't wait with hope that some day you may 'see' your angel. Accept its reality and call on it – often, for this is its delight. Whenever you drive a car put your angel up in front to protect you from accident. Do not feel it is trivial to ask it to find you a parking place! Once you start on this game, watch how frequently it works. The apparent coincidences are probably examples of angelic co-operation. Use imagination. You won't 'see' an angel with your physical eyes, but you can validly think it, and indeed see it with the 'eye of the mind'. Imagine it and place it at your bed-head when you go to sleep or take it walking through the wood. Love it, welcome it, acknowledge it and apologise for the long neglect of which you have been guilty. Always thank it when you dismiss it. We have to take the initiative in playing this game of angels. Until we start, nothing will happen. If you like the idea, get going and talk to your invisible companion and bring it into your counsels. Since it is alive, it will respond to you by bringing an inner certainty into your consciousness. This is healing: this is wholeness. It is 'wholesome'. (What a good word!) A joy will begin to flow between you and it.

We recognise Joy as an aspect of God. There is the sudden impulse of glee in the heart, that rivulet of enthusiasm (which means 'possessed of a God'). Learn to notice those moments, for they are the flowing of the divine current. Just conceive of the ecstasy when you are free of the limitations of sense and substance and can truly blend with other beings.

Now take the step in thought of knowing that you have an Angel, a loving being who is concerned with your progress and has been allotted the task of watching over your life. Sceptical humanity has cut this factor out, because of the inability actually to see these invisible beings. Apply now the principle we have often stressed – you don't need to 'believe' but, if you are attracted to the idea, you are invited to think it and act as if it were true. Call on that angel and 'know' that instantly it is there, your loving helper, servant and guide.

It will never impose itself. Like any good and loyal servant, it waits in the background until its master calls. It is the perfect Jeeves, who knows the answer and can help in all situations for, being semi-free, it has a wider view. But it will never interfere with your freedom. That is the Divine Instruction. Therefore nothing will happen between you until you take the initiative. You are fully entitled to order and command the angels. Though they have a width of knowledge which is beyond us, we also have something that they have not got: we are able to act creatively to shape events. The angelic world stands alerted to help in the great transition into cosmic consciousness.

Be perfectly practical. Begin now to act with your angel. Constantly give it orders, instructions, love and thanks. Be grateful and humble for the thought of how long you have gone on ignoring this patient, generous, loving creature, who has taken on the task of looking after you. No tasks are too small for it to be prepared to help. Above all, know that it gives you protection. It can form a protective force-field in your aura. It can help you to solve your problems. The angel can act as guard to you in dangerous situations, but is unable to act unless you have given the order and thus must stand by and watch while you are thrown into confusion by some difficult circumstances. But always remember that it will not advise you what to do. The choice is left to you.

The important thing now is to establish the habit of mental co-operation. Give it the assurance that you know of its presence and value it. Call on it and then act into the new.

Remember that the angel works with your Higher Self to stage situations for trial, testing and initiation. Then at the moment of decision it steps back and folds its wings and will give you no hint as to the course you should take. It respects the freedom of its master. You, not it, are in command.

Your friends out of the body also respond immediately when you call them. They, with the angels, operate in the region outside time. They occupy ethereal space and therefore can be instantly wherever they direct their attention. But they too will not interfere until you ask them. Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you!

Get knocking! Get asking! Here are your allies so long ignored. A joy floods through the angelic realm as more and more human beings awaken to the reality of angel guides and actively call upon them. It is a lovely companionship.

Let me end this chapter with a Findhorn story. A young woman in Germany, an advanced sensitive, was guided to go to Findhorn. She had no knowledge of the place or what was expected of her. She arrived at the time of a great conference and it happened that I was to give the opening talk in the Universal Hall. This is a splendid five-sided chamber. At the beginning I called on the angels and placed one in each of the five corners. After the event we dispersed for tea and bed. When the throng had gone, this lady came to Peter Caddy in consternation, declaring that a terrible thing had happened – Sir George had ordered the angels to take their stand, but had not dismissed or thanked them! Like good soldiers they continued their watch. So Peter and the lady and a few others had a small ceremony of dismissal, and next morning I brought the conference together again to make a formal apology and gesture of thanks and understanding, and our German friend was then satisfied! So were the angels.

We are relating to an invisible world and must learn the rules by which we must work. Finally remember the power of creative imagining. We may, and indeed must, take the initiative of imagining a light-filled being, calling on it and placing it in position, even though we cannot yet 'see' it. Think it. Imagine it, knowing that imagination is truly a creative process. All this about our relation to the angels should become a factor of ever increasing meaning and joy in our lives. Love them and give thanks when you dismiss them. They are a wonderful and vital factor in the coming of a new age. The relationship will deepen until more and more people are really able to converse with them.

What are we Educating our Young People for?

THIS INDEED IS a vital question. Many of our young are in doubt as to whether they will be alive in ten years' time. Will there be jobs? Or food? Or will dramatic earth-changes have altered the world? Is it worth working for a qualification?

In our dramatic age it is important consciously to educate for change. We need to develop in our young people a quality of creative readiness to adapt and to face totally new situations. How do you learn to move into the unknown with confidence and courage? If the rational, materialist viewpoint were the only truth, then indeed we could rightly feel bewildered and anxious. But we know that each one of us is overlighted by a Higher Self and a guardian angel-guide. This is vital information. It is a factor with which we must learn to work. Our educational approach must first give an understanding of the holistic and spiritual vision. Learn to conceive and grasp that the Earth is a vibrant living being, that Gaia, the Earth Goddess, is a reality of Intelligence in Nature, that the human being is integrally part of the whole, indeed that point where nature can break through in consciousness and think God's thoughts again. This opens the possibility for the mind to traverse the living Universe and experience the fact that it is truly a strand of the great Totality. A sea of Intelligence pervades all space and, in all its infinite diversity, operates as a great Oneness.

Teach the young person that this is not rigid dogma to be believed. Indeed, 'belief' is not necessary, for our challenge is to explore a realm of living Ideas and learn to think them and act into them. The logical, rational, left hemisphere of the brain, working with the physical senses, can explore the realm of matter. Indeed it has reached the frontier over which it must bravely pass to apprehend the reality of creative spirit.

But the right hemisphere of the brain, the more feminine faculties, are attuned to the living, light-filled Whole. Therefore the thinking of the right brain is like a spring or fountain welling up out of the eternal worlds. The nature of a spring is that you cannot possibly know what is going to flow forth until it has emerged. So with thinking. You are, in that right brain, in direct touch with the spiritual heights. Thus this is the true organ for poetry, in the attempt to allow expression of the deeper truths of nature and of life. The rational, left-hemisphere thinking can observe this flow of living thought.

We can apprehend the truth that first in creation are the archetypal ideas of each thing or species. These constitute the ocean of intelligence filling ethereal space. We can grasp that every material object and living form in nature is the expression of an archetypal divine idea. This of course, is quite hidden to sense-bound thinking. The great and royal privilege and power of mind is to apprehend the secret and learn to know the being within the form, the idea that inhabits and works in each and every thing. Here is an advanced task for every mind to tackle. It clearly goes far beyond usual natural history or scientific observation. It involves the awakening of a latent faculty for spiritual perception, a way of thinking and observing so that we may 'see' in our lifted thinking the invisible creative being which operates in the form.

A poetical wonder emerges as we learn to look in this deeper and higher way. We do not 'see' the spiritual worlds with physical eyes. Indeed, these worlds are not outside of ourselves. It needs an imaginative leap to grasp that the human vision can equate with the totality. The higher realms and entities speak to us within our own thinking. One begins to see in inner apprehension. To this wonderful process there is no end. It gives the clue as to how the human being can explore higher worlds, and enter into the realms of creative being which have poured themselves forth into the world of nature. We grasp that we human beings are that part of nature which has reached the point of making the leap into wider consciousness, crossing the ether frontiers where take origin far subtler systems, nobler regions, for our understanding.

Here we see a field of educational training so that the young person can begin to grasp the oneness of all life and the true kinship of the human being with Nature in all her varied forms. It opens endless fields of exploration. Intellect and intelligence are called on now to explore across these subtler frontiers, so that the human being may truly take his/her place as the crown of nature and the vehicle for new and far wider consciousness and apprehension.

Now to a very practical point for advancing education. We admit that we shall in the coming years all be faced with situations that have no human precedent. We are much used to reacting to stimuli along habitual brain tracks and habit patterns. The animal world entirely relies on such reactions through the wondrous workings of instinct. If the human being is to survive in the coming world conditions, he/she must be able to react into quite unknown conditions for which there are no habit patterns.

Here we touch a major need in educational theory and practice. And here is a vital clue which we can understand once we accept the reality of our higher self and angel guide. These beings are perpetually staging situations for our testing and education, using the outer conditions of our lives to teach vital lessons. They will never impose upon the human being. Clearly that has been forbidden by divine command, for mankind on earth is the great experiment of developing a species which can in freedom come back to God as co-creator and friend. This is the wonderful purpose of life on earth. Naturally the fallen angels strive to drag man down and to deny God. They have no compunction about direct attack to get hold of human will and thinking. Armageddon has been joined, but the forces of the Light under the Christ and Michael may not interfere or enforce co-operation. We have each to reach the point of voluntary dedication of all we are to the Divine Service and the adventure into higher consciousness. Thus our Higher Self, having staged a situation for choice and action, will step back and leave the decision entirely to us. We then have the choice of acting into the Whole as co-creator or of reverting to the desires of ego and our separated selves. Here we touch the great adventure of our time. We can learn, so to speak, to dance with destiny, moment to moment, living in the eternal Now. Since Higher Self is outside our time scale, operating always in the immediate instant, it can respond to our bold reaction into wholeness and on. that instant flood us with fresh creative response and energy. Here is the clue for acting into the totally unknown. It will need courage and alert attention. When a human being achieves this flow, a new quality of humanity must manifest.

Out of the confusion of a crumbling society will emerge individuals who are touched by this higher guidance. These will inevitably flow together with others of like inspiration, and a new quality of society will begin to form. This is the true adventure of our time.

Teach it. It is not dogma to be enforced. But the young can (and must) be given the opportunity to understand and experience how close to them is this guidance and companionship. An educational system could be built upon this vision of the creative drive out of the Whole.

A Sonnet by Charles James Earle

The body is not bounded by its skin:
Its effluence, like a gentle cloud of scent,
Is wide into the air diffused, and blent
With elements unseen, its way doth win
To ether frontiers where take origin
Far subtler systems, nobler regions meant
To be the area and the instrument
Of operations ever to begin
Anew and never end. Thus every man
Wears as his robe the garment of the sky –
So close his union with the cosmic plan,
So perfectly he pierces low and high,
Reaching as far in space as creature can
And co-extending with immensity.

Risen Thinking

I HAVE SEEN the vastness of the One. Wholeness, Life, Thought, Intelligence as a great ocean, ever pulsating, all interweaving. It is all alive. The Source has poured it forth and it can create forms, myriad forms, all in transformation and metamorphosis.

Among those forms it creates one – Humanity – which by complex sensitivity can become conscious of the great process. For this we need to be able to think, to feel, to have volition. We have in this sense to be separated off from the One, though of course we are still integrally part of it.

But such an organism, an Ego, has needs and desires. That it may survive, it develops an instinct of self-preservation. Yet its real purpose, its ultimate goal, is to become a conscious part of the Whole. Then it would have the potential of all knowledge. It can project its attention to any part of the Whole. Planet Earth has been chosen as the ground for this experiment. It is a very rare and beautiful planet. It may even be that Humanity, itself a cellular organism floating in the sea of Life, found and chose this planet for its home.

Here, however, egoism became rampant. Fanned by the adversary beings, the satanic rivals of God, we became primarily concerned with satisfying desire and gaining power and wealth.

Deeper intuition, that essentially feminine faculty, originally gave us some feeling for the living oneness. Early civilizations had a quality of matriarchy. We now know this is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain.

But the left hemisphere faculties, the masculine organising intellect, perfect instrument for control, became dominant. Worked upon by the tempters, patriarchal societies developed concerned with getting all they could for themselves. They lost the sense of the living oneness.

Initiation is the mystery of restoring the sense of oneness, of actual experiencing in consciousness that we are each a droplet of Divinity that can know the One.

Here we are now, errant stewards of the planet, rapidly destroying this beautiful home in our greed and ignorance. There is still time-perhaps! A sufficient number of human beings must stop and make the inner turnabout in consciousness, in self-transformation, so that each can experience itself as a cell of the huge Whole.

This initiates a process, a kind of ferment working like yeast through the human layer. We need not be abashed at our smallness and weakness. Think only of the tiny, fertilized cell which grows into a human being, or the acorn that grows into a mighty oak.

Then that grown being discovers himself/herself as a cell in the greater Whole. But more: that Whole is alive. We float, always, and inevitably in a matrix of life. This life is also divine intelligence. Within the divine mind is a drive to realize the harmony, an impulse of love, capable of a self-cleansing process. This is going on now.

These angelic beings are of the nature of living thoughts of God. They are strands of the outpoured ocean of His thinking. Thus the world process is Thinking. We human beings, operating from a body, experience separation. Brain gives us intellect, but this intensifies the sense of apartness. Yet clearly to blend with the angelic world is a thinking process. Our sense-bound thinking with which we operate in embodiment, is obviously fallible. But if we could lift into sense-free thinking and receive the angelic beings in our minds, we should be getting absolutely direct truth. We have got to learn how to achieve such thinking and to trust it.

We have been cut off. We must re-establish contact and become one with the One. We stand on the threshold of a modem initiation. Once this bridge is achieved, we shall be able to explore higher worlds in our thinking. This truly is Exploration into God, for the source is everywhere and in everything, always.

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Exploration into God
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1991 by Gateway Books
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