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Emerging Spirituality Conference

Click above for details on this London conference, November 4-5, 2006, including the Sir George Trevelyan Memorial Lecture

University for Spirit

In response to a shift from the exploration of our outer and physical world during the Second Millennium to an emerging impulse to explore our inner and spiritual world as we enter the Third Millennium, the Wrekin Trust is sponsoring the early stage of the formation of a University for Spirit.

A university for spirit was first envisioned by Sir George Trevelyan, founder of Wrekin Trust, who saw that "Many minds are now questing for deeper meaning and a new understanding of the great one-ness of life" (1983).

This vision is now taking root as a counterbalance to the prevailing materialistic ethos in education and as a step towards restoring the term 'university' to its original meaning as being 'turned towards the One'. A University for Spirit Forum (UfSF) has been formed, made up of a growing number of providers of spiritual education and individuals committed to furthering these aims.

Information on the above can be obtained from the Wrekin Trust's co-ordinating office below or on the UfSF web site. Applications can be made for becoming an Associate of the Forum. Donations and legacies are also invited and warmly appreciated.

Resources, such as books, videos and audio tapes on a wide range of topics connected with Wrekin Trust activities can be obtained from:
Conference Cassettes
13 Piccadilly Mill, Lower Street
Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 2HT
Tel/Fax: 01453 766411 (*44-1453 766411)

Values and qualities underpinning the Wrekin Trust include:
- unconditional love
- awareness
- discernment
- clarity
- self-knowledge
- enthusiasm
- perseverance
- realism
- responsibility
- service

The Wrekin Trust is an educational charity concerned with the spiritual nature of humanity and the universe and part of a worldwide movement towards personal and planetary transformation.


Founded by Sir George Trevelyan Bt in 1971, for 20 years the Wrekin Trust provided conferences, courses and programmes that enabled up to 10,000 people a year from diverse disciplines and viewpoints to explore leading edge topics in a non-sectarian way.

In 1982 the Wrekin Trust received a Right Livelihood Award for its work "forming an essential contribution to making life more whole, healing our planet and uplifting humanity".

After a period of dormancy and following the death of Sir George, the Wrekin Trust reviewed its potential contribution to the growing movement for spiritual awakening and to the emergence of a new consciousness and is now moving forward.


Wrekin Trust aims to promote opportunities for learning that support people from all backgrounds and traditions:

  • to search for meaning
  • to explore a holistic and spiritual world view
  • to develop as conscious instruments for creative change.

It is doing this through:

  • holding an annual Sir George Trevelyan Memorial Lecture
  • providing a small but growing programme of weekend and day events
  • encouraging local groups
  • sponsoring a collaborative initiative towards a "University for Spirit".

Memorial Lectures in London

1998 Spiritual Education in the Twenty-first Century - David Lorimer
1999 Soil, Soul & Society - Satish Kumar
2000 Living in a Sacred Way - Prof. Ravi Ravindra
2001 The Spiritual Destiny of Britain - Peter Dawkins
2002 Spiritual Renaissance in our Time - Prof.  Ursula King
2003 Sacred Soil: Sacred Food - Patrick Holden
2004 The Mending of the Worlds: Evolution, Consciousness and the Eternal Return - Dr Roger Woolger
2005 Awakening the Global Heart - Dr Serge Beddington-Behrens

Local Groups have already formed in a few areas for meditation and discussion, often featuring speakers, videos, and other resources. Some local groups are also forming to work on and share "The Quest" - an open learning programme for 'rediscovering a sense of soul', produced by a core team in collaboration with the Findhorn Foundation and supported by the Wrekin Trust.

The trustees are Hertha Larive (President), Josie Gregory (), Steve Weir (), John Hunt and Serge Beddington-Behrens () .
The Executive Vice President is and the Executive Director is .

The Wrekin Trust symbol is based on the cosmic cross, derived from the celtic cross of resurrection. It is three dimensional, encircled by protective spheres of light indicating global proportions and hinting at a shaft of spiritual light striking down from the zenith to the earth.

Wrekin Trust
Courtyard Lodge, Mellow Farm, Hawcross Lane, Redmarley d'Abitot, Gloucestershire GL19 3JQ, UK
Tel/Fax: (+44) (0)1452 840033

(Registered charity No. 262303)

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