A Vision of the Aquarian Age

The emerging spiritual world view

by George Trevelyan

A book first published 1977

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From the back cover of the Stillpoint version, published in USA in 1984:
Sir George Trevelyan, leader of the new age consciousness movement in England and brilliant interpreter of patterns of planetary change, here describes the full significance of the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Only a visionary possessing extraordinary insight could comprehensively summarise such sweeping subjects as:
Spiritual Awakening in our Time
"We are in the second Renaissance. In the first, our ancestors explored the seas and discovered new continents... in this, our present age, we are setting out to explore the cosmos and reality."
Death – the Great Adventure
"Ours is a death-ridden culture. Conditioned by the materialism of our time, we tend to identify ourselves with our bodies. It must be re-emphasised that man in his core is an eternal being of spirit, housed for a time in a body."
Living into Change
"And the higher worlds are deeply concerned with what happens on this planet. They are prepared to pour in the powers of light – but only if a sufficient number of people will invoke them and call on them to descend."
Apocalypse Now
"Ecologists are becoming aware of how delicately poised the living organism is, and that our reckless exploitation of the earth's resources may well lead to retribution. And seers and adepts of the age, with their developed powers of intuition, foretell a great spiritual crisis or turning point for mankind by the end of the twentieth century."
Man Attuned
"It is our loss if we choose to confine our thinking and interpretation solely to the provable and ponderable mundane – or the pedantic intellectual. So much more exists and calls to us. This is indeed an age of mystery, wonder and hope."

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A Vision of the Aquarian Age
Sir George Trevelyan

First published in 1977 by Coventure UK and in 1984 by Stillpoint USA
This book is out-of-print, available only on this website
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