Sir George Trevelyan

Magic Casements

Published in in 1980 by Coventure and in 1996 by Gateway Books

Now out of print and available online only
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Magic Casements - click to enter From the back cover:
For a huge body of people in Britain and abroad, Sir George became a rallying point for a new spiritual awareness. He had charisma, great powers of oratory and a prodigious memory for poetry. This he used to great effect, calling upon the great mystics' poetic visions of a greater reality made possible through heightened awareness arid expanded consciousness.

The collection in this volume are George's favourites, and the ones he would most often use as illustrations to his inspiring lectures on the imminent transformation of the human spirit. He links them with apposite remarks and helpful commentary.

A graduate of Cambridge, Sir George taught history at Gordonstoun, practised as an Alexander teacher, and made beautiful furniture in the Cotswolds. As a pioneer in adult education he was Warden of Attingham Park for 24 years, and the founder of the Wrekin Trust in 1971 for which in 1982 he received the Right Livelihood Award. Sir George passed to higher realms in February 1996.

- Alick Bartholomew

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